About myself and why I built this website

    I am not a theologian, nor a graduate from any seminary college. I made no formal vows to teach any man-made doctrines, traditions, or ancient beliefs. I am just a regular guy.
This is an attempt to create a Bible study website based purely on scriptural facts.
What do I believe?
    -I believe Satan is a liar...we do die, and we don't become like gods.
    -I believe Greek/Roman mythology is false...all souls are not eternal, there is no instant judgement at death, and nobody is watching me from the spiritual realm except Jehovah, Christ, and the Angels (good and bad).
    -I believe eternal life is the gift, and those who reject the gift will perish.
    -I believe Jesus went to a place we cannot go...and he is preparing a place for us and will return.
    -I believe Paradise will be a very physical earth...our home for eternity.
    I have been a Sunday school teacher, a church elder, been on many committees and been involved with many church activities in my life. I sing in the choir and go on mission trips. I really cherish the fellowship of true believers of a risen Savior who is preparing a place for us, and will come again.

  This is a picture taken by my wife Kim. I'm standing in Kansas prairie grass "this tall". We were following the Santa Fe trail heading west.

 I was raised in a Christian home and fortunate to attend a good public grade school, and a Christian Junior and High school. I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church, all of my children were sprinkle baptized (not by their own choice I might add) at the Reformed Church of America, my wife and I chose to be full-submersion baptized at Calvary Chapel, and we now attend a local community Baptist Church. It is a little theologically challenged by a mixture of various beliefs and teachings, but the fellowship is awesome, and the love of Christ is so evident. While we continue to serve the Creator today with this congregation we still wonder if a true Bible church really exists. For now we are blessed to be in a Christ loving fellowship of true believers in a risen King. This has been quite a journey for nearly 60 years now.

Marlo Keith Overgaauw