The Children of Abraham





12 Tribes




On this page you will find a list of people that are Biblically know as "the children of Abraham".

 We start with why Abram was chosen and travel through time to our present day. Then we will show you what the Bible says is going to happen at the end of it all.

If you need more detailed information we will be happy to walk with you on the path to the truth.

The story of Mankind begins with Adam. Adam was created having a body that was perfect and designed to live forever. He was created from the earth, on the earth, the earth was his eternal home and he was given dominion over it. He only knew goodness and peace.

The story proceeds to the days of Noah when the earth was entirely corrupt. Only Noah still trusted in the Creator and we find him building a great ship to save mankind and animals from the coming flood that would wash the earth clean again.

Abraham was from the town of Ur, near the Persian Gulf. He was a Chaldean and descendant of Shem. The Creator spoke to him and told him to go to the land of Canaan (son of Ham). Abraham, Lot, and their families settled near a mountain that was named after his grandfather Eber. From that time on his children were known as the Hebrews. (sounds better than Eberonites)

So we have Abram (his name was changed to Abraham). He was chosen by the Creator because he seriously desired to do the right things. He despised deception, greed, and pride. He became the father of many nations and received many promises from the Creator. He walked and talked and ate with the Creator. He witnessed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

His first son was Ishmael. Ishmael's mother was an Egyptian and they moved to the lands we now call the MIddle East. He was blessed by the Creator and became the father of many nations also. His children were joined later by Lot and his children who became the Moabites and Amalikites. Then they were later joined by Esau who was the brother of Jacob.

Abraham's second son was Isaac. His mother was Sarah (Abram's step-sister). He received his father's inheritance, lived in the same place, and trusted in the Creator. He had two son's, Esau and Jacob. Esau did not take the spiritual blessing seriously and allowed Jacob to take it from him.

Jacob did not inherit his fathers possessions but went to his mother's family in the north. He married two sisters before he returned home to Hebron. Jacob had 12 sons. His name was changed to Israel. In the Bible his sons are known as "children of Jacob" and "children of Israel".

The 12 tribes of Israel eventually moved to Egypt after a great famine struck the area. One of his sons, Joseph, became the commander of all of Egypt under only Pharaoh. They lived there for about 400 years. Then the Egyptians made them become like slaves. One of the Hebrews was taken in as a baby and raised by the daughter of the Pharaoh. He later was commanded by The Creator to free the Israelites from Egyptian captivity. His name was Moses.

Moses led the 12 tribes of Israel with all their cattle and possessions across the area we call the Sinai Peninsula to the Red Sea. There they crossed on dry ground into Midian, the land of his father-in-law Jethro. There they became known as the Israelites. Because they did not trust the Creator and refused to go into the promised land they remained in the wilderness until that generation had died.

They finally crossed the Jordan River from Moab and entered the "Promised Land" of milk and honey. They conquered the tribes and people that possessed the land and it became the Nation of Israel.

David was from the tribe of Judah and he was just a young boy when he killed the giant Goliath with a stone from his slingshot. Because he loved and trusted in the Creator he became the second king of Israel. He was the greatest king they ever had and they conquered many enemies. It was promised by the Creator that the Messiah would come from the line of Judah, and from the line of David.

Solomon was the 3rd son of David. He receive the gift of great wisdom from the Creator because he was humble. He did great things and was very wise. But at the end he had too many wives and compromised his faith in the Almighty Creator by worshiping the idols of his wives.

He had a son who was not wise and caused the 12 tribes of Israel to split into two separate nations. The northern 10 tribes retained the name Israel, and the southern two tribes of Benjamin and Judah merged and were called Judah. Israel was rebellious to the Creator.  He allowed them to be captured and occupied by the Nation of Assyria. Most of them were taken as prisoners to the lands north and west. But the Archangel Micheal protected Judah and they were spared and remained independent.

Judah became known as the Jews. They rebelled against the Creator and he caused the Kingdom of Babylon to destroy everything in Judah. Many people from Judah were taken captive to Babylon and the Jews were prohibited from living there for 70 years. One of the captives was Daniel and he had many visions of the future of Judah until the end of this world. After 70 years of captivity the Persian king Cyrus allowed the people of Judah to return to their land and rebuild the cities and the temple and the wall around Jerusalem.

One of Daniel's visions was the 70 weeks of years (490 years) that Judah still had left to confirm the Covenant that Israel made with Jehovah in Lev 26.

It took 49 years (7 weeks) to rebuild the Temple, walls, and city of Jerusalem.  Not long after that the Jews were caught in a power struggle between two former Greek provinces until the Romans came. It all lasted 434 years (62 weeks) until the anointing of the Messiah. It ended with the last 7 years (1 week) of the Ministry of Jesus, his death and resurrection, and the formal rejection of the Messiah by the Jewish people. The last remnant of Israel was abandoned by Jehovah according to the Covenant that was made in Leviticus 26. They lost the right to become the greatest nation ever. (But that will still happen after Christ comes back to save them).

The Creator now has opened the door to allow all mankind to choose him as their King. His gift to them is free and it is "Eternal Life". A brand new universe is being created and believers will be reunited with  their everlasting physical bodies and souls and live forever on a new earth he calls "Paradise".

So who was this Jesus? To know about Jesus it is good to start with The Creator. John was the best at describing what this was all about. In the beginning the Creator fashioned for himself a physical form to interact with his his new creation. It was for, and through, his physical form that he created the physical universe we live in. It could walk, talk, and live with his newly created family. But because of Satan's deception all mankind was destined to be lost forever. The Creator sacrificed his personal physical 'self' so it could become 100% human... and suffer and die the most horrible death created by mankind. This man was known as Jesus. He was not born in sin like us but had every choice in life the same as Adam did and we do. Because he stayed focused and chose to trust in the Father of all creation instead of his own personal desires he became our High Priest and our King. He is re-united with the Father...and our Creator has his physical body back again and the day is coming soon when he will be re-united with a glorious new world that he created so he can dwell with his children and share his love and richness. And his children will only know goodness and happiness for eternity.

So what is this special place going to be like? What is Paradise?