Before the Flood

Before the great flood we have recorded history of Adam living 930 years and in the line of his son Seth we have Enoch who was taken away after 365 years, and his son Methuselah who lived 969 years. His son Lamech was 182 years young when he became the father of Noah. He died 595 years later (5 years before the rain started). Noah was 500 years old and he had three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth). He  built the great ship that saved each animal after it's kind (all dogs are descendent of the wolf).

Mankind was so corrupted by Satan that they hated the good and loved the bad (like today). So the Creator destroyed it all and mankind got a second chance.

No one knows how old the earth was, but mankind was only around 1650 years when the rains started. And the rains didn't stop for 40 days. The earth began to collapse in places and water came from the ground too. The water was so deep it covered every piece of ground on earth. The highest mountains we have on earth are 5 miles above sea level, so how does that work? Believe it or not...

...The earth's atmosphere contains 37.5 million billion gallons of water in its invisible vapor. That is enough water to cover the earth in one inch of rain. But if the earth was basically flat at the time of the flood there is enough water on the planet to cover it all 8,000 feet deep. We know the earth was changed drastically by the flood (2Pet 3:5-6). There are fossils in the layers of ocean bottom on the tops of mountains (even Everest). There was something like great tectonic shifts during the days of Peleg when the earth was divided (Gen 10:25). The mountains we see today did not exist 6000 years ago and researchers know this is true. The mountains (hills in those days) were covered by 15 cubits of water (a cubit is about 18" or the height of a man, depending on what your building). In this case that looks like the highest places were covered by about 80 feet of water. That's enough to float any ship.

The Ark that Noah built was able to save two of each kind of animals, creeping things, and birds.

Noah's son Shem was the great-grandfather of Eber who was the father of Peleg. When Peleg was born the earth was divided (Gen 10:25, 1Chr 1:19) indicating a great shift in the earth's surface took place.

In 1943 the world witnessed the beginning of a new volcano in Paricutin, Mexico that grew 125 feet the first week and a year later was 1100 feet tall. It is now dormant and in less than ten years is 9,186 ft . If you took a kid out of college to that place without revealing this information you can be almost guaranteed that the kid will claim this mountain is a million years old.

Don't believe what you hear from the blind scientists. They don't have a clue.