The Creation

What is outer space? That is the first question we need to solve. If you took away all the stars and planets and physical matter from space what would be left?

The answer is obviously…NOTHING. There is nothing there. No Air. No light. No heat. No time. Nothing. The air we breath is composed of matter. It is mostly oxygen and nitrogen which are compounds of physical matter that are warmed by the Sun and acts like a blanket around our planet blocking the Sun’s rays in the daytime and holding in the heat at night. Light and heat come from the Sun and the stars are burning spheres like our Sun. The heat from the Sun does not warm space. It only warms the physical object it hits.

Time is a relative term, meaning that it has to be connected to something. Our Earth time is the relationship between the Sun and how long it takes to spin once around it. There is no time in nothingness.

The scriptures tell us that the Creator has a specific time frame worked out for Earth and our solar system based on the cycles of our planet’s rotation around the Sun. What we call a day is one spin of Earth on its axis. Many places in scripture make it clear that the Creator considers one spin of Earth around the Sun as a day.

When the Creator decided to create a physical dimension in this nothingness it was for only one reason. He wanted a family to love and hold and share with.

The creation of our physical universe we live in began with the creation of a physical human form that the Almighty Creator of all things would use to physically communicate with his physical family and children. According to John 1 all things were created through and by the physical form that Jehovah created for himself.

What is different is that in the spiritual realm there is no ability to reproduce or express love. The angels and other spiritual beings were created as eternal servant creatures that dwell in a spiritual dimension. Their purpose was to serve their master and do their assigned duties…forever…or else suffer for eternity in the Lake of Fire.

The human race was not created to exist in the spiritual realm of the Creator. From scripture we learn that the spiritual beings also are required to serve the children and family of the Creator. That fact is what started the conflict with Satan and 1/3 of the angels. They refused to serve the children of the Creator.

In the gospel of John we learn that all things were created for, and through, the physical person that the Creator was going to use so he could physically live with his children. Who can say how much of our earth time the Creator used to create our physical universe and our world? How long did the galaxies of stars in space swirl about before the Creator chose the planet Earth to be the place he would call home for his family? Does it matter?

We know our Sun was dark until the Creator lit it up. Were the other stars shining long before he did that? We can accept that as being absolutely possible. The creation story for mankind begins with the Earth being a cold dark formless mass covered by water that was chosen and formed by the Creator to be a place where life could exist and grow.

The Hebrew word we call “day” signifies a period of “activity, warmth and heat”. The Hebrew word we call “night” signifies “rolling up” like a finished activity. It always amazes me how folks can be so rigid in there beliefs that they miss all the facts. How can anyone possibly claim that the Creator’s day was 24 Earth hours? It could be in the blink of an eye or a million years from our perspective.

Consider this:

On the sixth day man was created, a garden was grown to be his dwelling place, animals were created and named by Adam, he got a wife, and began his work in the garden.

Please don’t get hung up on this “how-long-was-a-day” issue and miss the whole reason why you exist in the first place…to share it all.

You have to read The Story to know what really happened.