What Happens When You Die?     The fact that the Bible does not teach that people go to a spirit world when they die may come as a surprise to most people. Surely we cannot change the outcome of our decisions in this life after we die, but many mistakenly assume that must mean that our judgement is sealed at death.     But we know from scripture that the final decision will come later, either at the return of Christ or at the final judgement after this world ends.    The Bible never makes a secret about what happens at death: 
  • "Dust you are and to dust you will return" (Genesis 3:19) (Moses)
  • "When you (God) take away their breath, they die and return to the dust." (Psalm 104:29) (David)
  • "All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return" (Ecclesiastes 3:19) (Solomon)
   It is possible to try and evade the truth of these and similar passages by arguing that they only describe the death of the body and that somehow the conscious mind lives on, but the Bible just as clearly rules this out:
  • "No one remembers you (Jehovah) when he is dead. Who praises you from the grave?" (Psalm 6:5...King David) 
  • "The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing" (Ecclesiastes 9:5...Solomon) 
  • "In the grave, where you are going, there is neither working, nor planning, nor knowledge nor wisdom." (Ecclesiastes 9:10...Solomon) 
  • "Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him" (John 11:11...Christ)
  • "For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either…then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost" (1 Co 15:16-18...Apostle Paul) 
  • "Brothers we do not want to you to be ignorant about those who have fallen asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men who have no hope" (1 Th 4:13,16...Apostle Paul) 
   Like it or not, in the Bible, just as birth means birth, death means death. Everyone agrees that before the Creator made Adam from the earth (dirt) mankind did not exist, the Bible says that, in the same way, after man returns to the earth he will again cease to exist. Whether its from land or sea...we all go to hell.    Hell is simply the English word for Sheol which simply means "the grave". The grave can be on land, or at sea.Telling someone to "go to hell" means..basically...."wish you were dead". There is no place of "eternal  life" suffering for non-believers described in the Bible. It's not even implied. All who too...go to the grave which is the "place of the dead". John's Revelation reveals that at the end of this world the land and the sea will give up the dead that are in them, and then death and hell (the place of the dead) will cease to exist (Rev 20:11-15). In Matthew 10:28 the disciples are being instructed by Christ to not fear people who can kill the body but can not kill the soul. But instead to fear the one that can kill body and soul (the Creator). Our souls are not eternal until that free gift of eternal life is awarded to us. That eternal life is reserved only for the believers according to John 3:16.    The false teaching of an "eternal life" suffering in the underworld realm of Hades is pagan mythology. If you want to stay confused then keep switching the words "hell" and "Hades" back and forth like they mean the same thing...they don't. The underworld realm of the god Hades was substituted by the early Roman Catholics because to die and 'not go' instantly to the realms of the gods did not agree with their mythology.    To believe that a person is judged instantly at death creates huge problems with Biblical theology. Jesus said "no man has gone to the father but he which came from the father".... John 3:13. Many people in scripture died and returned back to life. All the people in scripture who died and then became alive again would have had to return from the spirit world. No one in scripture ever returned from the spirit world. And no one has gone to the spirit world, or Jesus lied.    If we are not resting in Yahweh's care until the day of resurrection then what is the resurrection? If they tell you it's a mystery then they have in fact created one. To claim all soul's are judged at death is pure paganism. And don't forget that scripture makes it perfectly clear that death and hell will no longer be a reality when this world dissolves and the new world comes (Rev 20:11-15). Was hell thrown into hell?    The Bible makes is clear that there is a space in time between the physical death of our corrupt bodies while our soul waits for the resurrection when believers get incorruptible bodies. For those believers who have already died it will be a time of restful sleep, and a tormenting nightmare dream world for the unbelievers.        Luke 16: 19-31 is the parable about the Rich Man and Lazarus. Both were dead. The rich man was in torment and dreamed he saw Abraham off in the distance. But Lazarus was sleeping peacefully in the Bosom of Abraham (the care of Yahweh). Remember that this is a parable and the characters are not real, but it clearly makes the point.     A real life example was recorded in John 11 when a real Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, got sick and died. Jesus could have healed him and had plenty of time to do so but didn't go to them until after Lazarus died. When he received news of Lazarus' death he told the disciples it was time to go because Lazarus was asleep. When Jesus arrived he explained to them that Lazarus would rise again and they all understood the meaning of that (why can't you?). Then he explained to them that all who die for Christ are not dead forever, and all who live for Christ will never be separated eternally from him. It was 4 days after Lazarus died that Jesus told him to "wake up". Lazarus was not the first, or the last, person in Bible history that died and then lived again.     We had Bible studies at our house for more than 2 years but they cancelled them when I started asking questions like, "was Lazarus in heaven or hell? And if he was in heaven what did he do wrong to have to come back here? And will he be judged again?". You know the answer? "It's a mystery".    Daniel was told by Gabriel that he would rest and arise to his inheritance at the end of the days (Dan 12:13). Where does it say he died and is now living at the throne of our Creator? Where does it say in scripture that anyone died and ascended to the spiritual realm of our Creator? Who in scripture physically received their inheritance before the end of the days?    Hebrews 3:16-19 clearly describes that the faithless of Israel who died in the wilderness did not enter "his rest". In chapter 4 it is clearly explained about those who did not enter 'rest 'when their work was done because of their unbelief. Heb 4:9-10, "There remains therefore a 'rest' for the people of Yahweh. He who has entered his 'rest' has himself also ceased from his work as Yahweh did from his". Just like our Creator rested after he did his work of creation, so believers rest when they die and their work is done.    If you are being deceived into believing the 'rest' of Yahweh means peace and blessings in this life, think again.    Some will know God's Rest, many will not. After judgement the lost will be burned alive (body and soul) in the Lake of Fire, and will perish forever knowing they missed the chance for eternal life. That will be the ultimate punishment. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when they find out what they missed and are lined up to be cremated in the Lake of Fire. That is the second death according to Rev 20:14. and there will be no more deaths and no more place of the dead (sheol/hell).       It's sad that many Christians want the bad people to have eternal life so they can suffer in the Lake of Fire with Satan and his fallen angels for eternity. That is exactly the judgement they will bring upon themselves and they will be lined up with the unbelievers for cremation. Their hearts are not right. And don't think for a minute that Satan will be spending eternity with the tormented souls of unbelievers as his trophies.    Jesus told us in John 3:16 that eternal life is for believers and the unbelievers "PERISH". The word perish does not mean it exists forever. Did Jesus lie? Was he trying to confuse us? He also makes it clear in Mat 7:21-23 that just claiming to be a believer will not get you eternal life. He also makes it clear in Mat 25:31-46 and Rev 20:11-15 that many who never even heard of Christ will receive the gift of eternal life because they had hearts that recognized the power of our Creator's hand in this world and sought to do the right things in life knowing their was a judgement day coming.    What possible purpose would it serve for our Creator to forever witness, and endure, the suffering of "living people" in torment for eternity. People he loved and died for but refused to accept his love. Its not in even in his character. When Christ opens the 7th and last seal of mankind's fate there will be silence in the spiritual realm for 30 minutes (Rev 8:1). I think during this 30 minutes our Creator is so sad about what he has to do next. The prayers of the saints from the beginning of time rise up and surround the Creator like the sweet aroma of incense. The seven angels then proceed to sound their trumpets and we witness the final destruction of this world and the end of all mankind.  Its the end of days (time is up...Rev 10:6).      This picture continues at the end of Chapter 20 where death and hell deliver up all the dead who are going to be judged at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ.  Death and Hell and all souls who rejected him will be cast into the Lake of Fire and cease to exist.      Mankind were not created as eternal beings...that's the gift. Angels were created as eternal beings. Jesus said we will become eternal beings like the Angels after the resurrection (Mat 22:30, and Mark 12:25, Luke 20:36) The everlasting place of torment is reserved for these beings that were created to be eternal, that opposed the Creator...namely: Satan and his demonic hoard (the beasts and the false prophet) (Rev 19:20, and 20:10). The Lake of Fire is the eternal dwelling place reserved for Satan and the bad angels.    So why does the church teach that all souls are eternal, and that we are immediately judged when we die, and that we immediately receive spiritual bodies, and then we gain understand of all the mysteries?        Why does your church teach you that death is really just a transformation. That immediately at death the chosen souls go to live in one of the heavens (clouds, stars, spirit city, throne of God) and the rejected souls go to live in the underworld (darkness, fire, sulfur, and agony) for eternity?        Well, its what most people learned from the Catholic church in cartoons and fairy tales. People want to believe that good people are rewarded and bad people will be punished "FOREVER". Its human selfishness at its core. It's the lie that Satan suckered Eve and Adam with in Genesis 3: 4-5, "you don't really will be like the creator.. knowing all things". It's Greco-Roman mythology that taught that all soul are eternal and either ascends to live with the gods, or descends to the darkness, fire, and despair of the underworld realm of the god Hades.       They want us to think that we can be exactly like Christ (gods) in every way. They want us to think that there are mysteries that have not been revealed to us...kept secret by our Creator. Just like Satan claimed.       But the Word tells all. If people would search scripture for truth they wouldn't be led astray so easily.   Much of what today's church teaches is pure pagan theology cloaked in the Blood of the Lamb. I wish there was a nice way to say but I have to call a duck a duck...the Modern Christian Church is a wolf in sheep's clothing. You will hear all the ways we are to lead godly we can live with the gods. And then you will be fed with phariceutical teachings and be lead into idolatrous practices like 'alter calls' (bowing before men), and bowing down to statues and the Cross (a man made thing). You will also be deceived by false teachings of financial gain and worldly glory.        You may even be led to believe that there is a "get-out-of-tribulation-free" card called the "Rapture" (what a gimmick). Just confess Jesus is lord and you will be secretly removed from the earth before the bad stuff happens. There are two periods when living believers are taken...1) the visible return of Christ on the clouds after the tribulation time of the 6th and 7th beasts, and 2) the exit of Christ and his saints at the end of the 1000 year reign, before this old world is wiped out as the last trumpet sounds.    But you will not be told of the true sacrifices you may have to make, or the true reward for those who endure to the end. The tribulation saints get a supreme position in the new world.    The Bible clearly teaches that man was made for the earth, and was never promised access to the spiritual realm of Yahweh and Angels.    Jesus said numerous times that it is a place we cannot go. He said that no man has been to the realm of The Father...except himself, who came from The Father. John 3:13     What does the Word teach ?  -The soul of man is nothing (naked) without the body. (II Cor 5)   -There is only one Creator who created a family for himself to share his love.   -Eternal life with our Creator in a wonderful new physical world is the gift that is free.   -If you reject the free gift your body and soul will perish (cease to exist). John 3:16         The Bible says your soul sleeps until it is re-united with your living resurrected body. And then you will stand before your maker for judgement. Neither the body nor the soul can exist without the other. There are no ghosts and no zombies.
  • All believers (old and new Testament) will be raised and rewarded at the return of our Messiah. 
  • The un-believers and unknowing will wait until the final be sorted out by their true hearts. Some will be saved and many rejected. Many who claimed to know Christ will perish.
   It is very likely that the truth about the resurrection of the dead is avoided at your church because it conflicts with the ancient beliefs of "instant" judgment at death. Instant judgment at death makes the resurrection null and void.    There is only one belief on this planet that puts all future hope in the promise of a King who is returning, will raise us from the dead with perfect human physical bodies, provide us with a perfect physical world to live on, will rule forever, forgive us for our humanity, hold us in his arms, and give us more than we could possibly desire. That belief is that Christ rose from the dead and we will too.       Go to any church and ask if we sleep when we die. Are we judged at death or at the resurrection? Do non-believers get the gift of eternal life too...but in Hades? They probably won't give you a straight answer because they reject the facts and it doesn't pay. They will feed you many phariceutical ideas to keep your soul spiritually drugged and confused. A more common reply is "it's a mystery".    But the Bible tells us a different truth. Those believers living at Christ's return (on the clouds) will join his risen believers as witnesses to the nations during the 1000 year reign of Christ on this earth. They will be judged by the 24 Elders in the Holy Court of Jehovah and will not be judged again (Rev 20:1-6). After the 1000 year reign of Christ the corrupt earth will pass away. Every person from the beginning of time will be raised alive (body and soul) to face the judge. A person will either live forever or perish forever according the words of Jesus himself in John 3:16.        Jesus said that, as the Christ, he will have the authority to decide who gets eternal life and who gets eternal death (gone forever). He will judge mankind by their hearts, and their deeds will be the proof. Paradise is waiting for those who have followed his commandments...Honor your creator, and treat your neighbor as you would desire to be treated. Paradise is for you.    What is Paradise? Is it Heaven?          Paradise is sometimes referred to as "heaven" but that is very misleading. It is not a spiritual place.         It is the new physical world that is currently being created for us by Christ himself. Paul claims he got to see a glimpse of Paradise, and it was beyond what he could describe. It will be our home forever just like it was meant to be from the beginning before Satan screwed it all up. Only it will be even better. We will have things to do and wonders to see. And our Creator will walk with us and talk with us. We will be the family and the children he always wanted. And it will never end.    In most modern day churches Heaven/Paradise is described as a far away spiritual place, where the conscious life/soul of humans goes in spiritual bodies (whatever that means) and become like Jesus who has the ability to travel between the spiritual and physical dimensions (God...just like Satan said). They describe it as a spiritual city that has spiritual ivory buildings, golden roads, crystal rivers, and other feel-good things, and the spiritual throne of God is there. There is nothing to do, only singing and praising forever. All the best people are there and more are coming all the time. We would be spirits so we can only wave to each other.  Some churches teach that these ancestor spirits can even effect the lives of people on earth (who needs God?). Some churches teach that the conscious life/soul of animals also go to the afterlife (so what do they do?). They see no purpose in the resurrection of the dead because everyone is judged instantly when they die.    It doesn't matter how much you twist the words of scripture, the false teachings just don't add up.This world we now live in is corrupted but Christ is preparing a new one for us, and will come again to take us there with him. Our new world is not ready for us yet.    Two of the most misquoted verses in the Bible are: 1) Jesus to the thief, "I assure you, today you shall be with me in paradise". The thief asked that he be remembered when Jesus inherited his kingdom. (his earthly kingdom...hello).    The true reply of Jesus was, "I assure you this day that you will be with me in paradise". There is no comma in the original Hebrew. It was added to promote Roman mythology. Three days later Jesus told Mary that he had not yet ascended to the Father when she clung to him in the garden after his resurrection. Is one of these statements a lie? 2) Paul's statement, "to be apart from the body is to be with the Lord". Instead of quoting false scripture you should read it yourself.    What Paul really said was that our soul would rather be separated from this corrupted physical body and have our originally intended incorruptible physical body so we could live with Christ in the Kingdom of God/Paradise. The soul groans for that day so it won't be naked without the body. What can a soul do without a body? Question: Is it possible to be alive and not conscious? Answer: Of course. Sometimes live people are unconscious for years before they wake up. Question; Is it possible to be lifeless (dead) and totally awake? Answer: Not according to the Bible. Unless you believe the lie.    Every time you go to sleep you slip from conscious awareness into unconsciousness. Ever have a bad night with restlessness and weird dreams? Many times it seems so real when we dream. We can't run fast enough, or we're falling, or its so dry, or we re-live terrible events. Does being alive mean you are always awake? Does being dead mean you wake up?  No, to both questions.     Why is it hard to understand that when our lights go out (we die) that we can be unconscious. Do you actually think that when life leaves our body we wake up? Do you think all the talk in the Bible about 'God's rest' is just confusing babble? Do you think all the headstones in the old cemeteries that say "Rest In Peace" were placed there by unbelievers? Why don't modern day "Christians" believe that anymore? Because they don't seek the truth anymore. They don't study scripture for answers. They don't question their leaders. They are sheep being led to the slaughter.      Can you imagine closing your eyes (your dead) and the next thing you know is that you are awake and in the presence of the Messiah, the judge?   Awake from the most restful sleep ever?    That is how the Bible says it will be, but it will be after Christ returns. We will not be aware of anything until that day comes. All those who put their faith and trust in the Creator and his promises will receive the gift of eternal life. The Bible says the rest of the dead from the beginning of time will be raised at the end (last trumpet). The dead bodies will be raised alive and awake, body and soul, before the throne of Christ to be judged according to the choices they made in life, the evidence of their deeds, and their hearts.        What you are really faced with in today's churches is the influence of Roman mythology. It was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church and western civilization is embracing it as the new revelation from God. Many souls are being lost. Most of these souls are today's church leaders who continue to knowingly lead God's children away from the truth. Why? Because it sells.       In the Bible ‘Death’ really means death (no life). Death also means separation from Yahweh (no communication or personal relationship). For those who are finally judged to perish there will be separation forever from the one who is true love (the second death). There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as they are led to be burned alive... and perish once and for all.          In Jesus' parable of Lazarus and the Rich man we learn that there is restful sleep for the righteous and a nightmare sleep for the wicked. That is our comfort in death...that our beloved are resting in peace because they lived unselfishly and for the hope of the promised land. We can be assured that their bodies will be raised on the last day, and they are not lost and forgotten. They will stand in resurrected physical bodies before the Christ and receive their just reward, at his second coming.       Ultimately it is the Messiah (not your Pope or Pastor) that will decide who enters into the Kingdom Of God/ Paradise.      Read Matt 7:21-23 and Matt 25:31-44. We don't know if our loved ones are resting in peace or torment. It is not our place to claim that anyone is saved or condemned. That is for Yahweh to decide. He truly knows our hearts.         Many church leaders like to put themselves in the place of God Almighty and declare salvation for some and condemnation for others. Your pastor might say something like, "our beloved is in heaven with Jesus now". Maybe he should read his bible someday.      They will be judged for that arrogance. The goats will be on the left side... (Matt: 7 & 25)    When you die you will be asleep until Christ returns to save Judah and become King of this World for 1000 years. Believers will be raised and rewarded with eternal life and will govern the earth with Christ. After 1000 years we will leave this old world and enter our new perfect world...OH YEAH!    For a more in-depth study check out: