The Beginning of Man

Why was I created?

The Bible tells us that Jehovah, the Father of all creation, has everything he could possibly want or need. He has everlasting servants. He has all knowledge and wealth. But the one thing Jehovah didn't have, and wants to have, is a family to share it with. He wants to have children he can hold and cuddle. He wants to share joy and laughter, and to watch his children grow, and learn, and prosper. He wants to share all his love and his richness. That is something he could not do with servants and/or spirit beings.

An example would be like your gardener: you may like him very much and appreciate what he does for you, but it's not the same as family.

Most modern churches would have you believe that you will instantly transcend to the spirit world when you die. But if the Creator wanted to have more spirit beings to be in his spiritual realm with him, why all the drama? Why all the suffering and heartbreak for the Creator and us? Why not just create a sparkling spirit city and fill it with more spirits. It would definitely be a place of no physical contact (maybe we could wave to each other). It would be a safe place of smoke and mirrors, of imaginary golden streets and crystal castles. A place filled with useless beings who do nothing forever. These beings would not be angels, who have jobs to do. These new spirits would just simply exist and do nothing forever.

God tells us why we were created in his Word, the Bible. It's sad that very few church leaders have actually read the Bible. They dwell on the words and miss "The Greatest Love Story" ever told.

The Almighty Creator of all things created a special one of a kind thing...a physical dimension where he would be able to have a family to share his love with. He created man from the earth, on the earth, for the earth, and the earth is the home created for mankind. That's the way it was always meant to be. There was no design change that happened after Satan turned on the Creator. It will all someday be exactly like it was supposed to be from the start.

The whole wonderful mystery is that we don't become like God....HE BECAME LIKE US. No other religion is like that.

Our modern Christian Church would have you think that it was just a short term event that happened in the days of Jesus. But we know he walked in the Garden with Adam and Eve. He ate breakfast with Abraham. That physical form became human at the birth of Jesus. Jesus was 100% pure human when he was with us but he returned to his rightful place after he accomplished his mission, and will physically walk with us soon when he returns to rule this earth for a 1000 years. After that it will be beyond our wildest dreams because he is creating a new world for us.

An example would be like fish in an big aquarium:

You can become like them with fins and goggles and swim with them. But just because you went into there domain doesn't mean you are no longer human. That is like our Creator visiting our physical world.

Now the fish may want to be like humans...but it surely does not mean the fish are now going to grow legs and start talking because you visited them. Jehovah simply created a human form so he could be with us. Just like when The Creator walked with Adam and Eve, Enoch, Abraham, and others, he was still Jehovah.

But he actually sacrificed that physical form so it could became one of us and pay the price to save us. Jesus was not conceived in sin and was 100% human flesh and blood. He was just like Adam who was created without the sinful nature but he still had the ability to chose. We know he struggled with that many times during his life and even at his death. Thankfully he was focused on his mission. It was not until that mission was accomplished that The Creator could rightfully inhabited his former physical self and he could again walk with his children.

You were created so the Almighty God could love you. He doesn't call us his 'children' for nothing.

He doesn't care where you've been, what you've done, or where you are. He loves you and wants you to know he is waiting for you to come to him. He is waiting with open arms. Like the thief that was crucified with Jesus, accept the facts and simply ask if he will accept you for what you are, sins and all.

He only cares where you go from here. "Follow me", he says.

He came to earth and became flesh and blood like us, suffered and died, and paid the price for our debt of sin. That debt was claimed by Satan, not the Creator. Satan no longer stands as our accuser. The price was paid in full when Satan claimed the life of an innocent man. There is no greater evidence of love than this, "that a man lay down his life for another".

That act of becoming human flesh and blood, and living as we do, but without sinning (he was totally unselfish), justifies the coming day when Christ will sit on the judgment seat and execute the eternal rejection of all those who deny the Creator and practice evil selfish things.

This life is harsh, and filled with many sad things because of Satan's influences. Our Creator/Father is there to help us through it if we will trust in him. Because we are reborn in the Spirit our names are sealed in the Book of Life. If we are unselfish, trust our Holy Father, and respect our fellow man, our names will remain in that book. We will someday come to know a wonderful life that we cannot begin to humanly comprehend...I Cor 2:9.

Strive to do what is right and keep your name in that book. Double think all your decisions and do the right thing that is unselfish.

You are his beloved child. Expect trials and failures as you learn his ways. It's how we learn. Seek your Father for strength and consoling. Expect discipline when you are not following his instructions. It's because he loves you and wants to keep you on the right path. Hope that he will use you in good ways to further his plans for this world, and to help those who seek the truth. Everything that is good comes from him, so be thankful for good things. Accept that the bad things are just part of your training and only temporary in the whole scheme of things.

Put on the armor of faith and defend the truth. Defend yourself and those you love from the evils of this world. Be ready to help others when you can. Your life as a disciple of the Christ is a rescue mission to save the other lost children (your brothers and sisters) who are desperately trying to find their way home.

When Christ returns to sets up his 1000 year reign over the nations of this earth, his followers will be raised up to live with him as witnesses to the nations. World peace and harmony will exist at last. But, sadly, Satan will have to be released at the end of that 1000 years of peace. Satan will deceive the world one last time in his final attempt to destroy the children of God. That last battle will result in the death of all unbelieving mankind.

Immediately after that all the dead from the beginning of time will be raised from the dead in real physical bodies with their life/soul restored to stand before the Messiah, the judge of all mankind. He is worthy, and his judgments will be justified, because he was one of us but without sin. Each person will be judged according to the rules they themselves made. Each judgement will be righteous. Those who were unselfish and sought to do right in their lives will be rewarded with eternal life, and for those who were selfish there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as each loser is thrown alive into the fire of eternal destruction, and they will perish. Those who are condemned will be gone forever. Missing out on the gift of eternal life.

Your eternal home is being prepared for you right now. And, as promised, our Messiah will return to take us to be with him when this old corrupt world passes away, and our new physical earth is ready for us. So now we know why we were created...but what about our bodies and this life/soul?