The Good People

What is going to happen to all the good people who did not know Christ?

There are many Christians that won't accept the fact that Christ is going to allow good people to receive the gift of eternal life in Paradise. These folks believe they have a God-Given-Right to be the only survivors of the human race. This thinking is exactly the same thing the children of Israel believed and it didn't work out very well for them. They thought they knew who God was. These Christians think they know who God is.

But Jesus makes it clear that many who claim that they knew Christ will be rejected and not receive eternal life (Matt 7:21-23).

It is overwhelmingly clear from scripture that after the 1000 year reign of Christ on this present earth there will be a final judgement of all people who ever lived from the beginning of time. And some will be found to be written in the book of life (Rev 20:11-15). People who had no idea who Christ was are going to receive the gift of eternal life.

Those who were resurrected at the second coming of Christ, and governing with him during his 1000 year reign, will not be among those who are judged. The earth will give up its dead, from the dirt and the seas, and their bodies will be re-united with their life/souls and stand before the throne of Christ on a sea of glass (the old earth will be gone).

They will be separated according to the choices they made in life, the evidence of their deeds, and what is in their hearts.

Now go to Matt 25:31 (the final judgment of non-believers)...the son of man shall come in his glory...with angels...on his throne of glory...and before him will be gathered all nations...and he will separate the sheep from the goats. And the sheep will say "when did we ever do anything for you?"...and he will say, "because you did it for the least of these my brethren you did it to me...inherit the Kingdom prepared for you". Then to the goats Christ will declare...."you did not do these things to help others...depart from me"...and they will contend that they didn't know that anyone needed help....but they will go into the everlasting fire that is reserved for the Devil and his demons.  These will perish forever, but the righteous will receive the gift of everlasting life.

 Just declaring the name of the man Jesus, and saying he is Lord, is not the real answer to salvation. That is a phariceutical teaching to trick you. You are not once-saved always-saved without putting your trust in him. Salvation is guaranteed for those who endure to the end. If you jump ship it will sail on without you.

As long as you are not self-centered and trust his promise of eternal life and put all your whole life trust in him (just like he did with his Father), you will be saved.  It is the belief and trust that Yahweh came, lived, died, and paid the price for your un-righteousness, your shortcomings, your sinful nature. It is the acceptance that he defeated death, arose victorious, ascended to defend us at his father's throne, and will return to us very soon to be our "Good Shepard". It is the hope of the promised eternal life with Christ (our Creator) in the new world "Paradise". It is faith that he is honorable and true, and will keep his promise to us.

    Faith, Trust, and Hope.

In Matt 5:1-12 the characteristics of a person that will be in Paradise is taught by Jesus.

Poor in spirit (not arrogant or proud)

Mourning (not happy with this world)

Meek (not aggressive and controlling)

Hungry for truth and righteousness (a desire to always do the right things)

Merciful (not holding grudges or resentment)

Peacemakers (not contentious and seeking retribution)

Persecuted for doing the right things (even thought it hurts others)

Falsely accused for proclaiming the truth (because it pleases Jehovah)

Also listen to Paul as he explains in Romans 2:12-16... that those non-believers who do not know the law but unknowingly keep it in their hearts, will be judged as righteous.

It is clear that good people who did not know about the promise of eternal life and the Messiah, but knew there was a power greater than themselves, and sought to do what was right, will find acceptance because they have the "heart of God" and have kept the commandments without knowing it.

The Creator "IS". We can't stick a label on him. His glory is evident in all of creation. He is revealed to those who seek to know the truth. They may not know what he is called but they know he "IS". They may have been raised in a culture that worships in strange ways. But they know that something is not right. Then they seek to find the truth and live to honor that great Creator and unselfishly help others in need. They have the heart of God.

How many people reject Christ because they compare him to you? How many people look at you and say to themselves, "if that's a Christian I don't want to be one"?  Don't discount the value of your time and the impression you make on the people around you. What will Christ think when he meets you?

Who are we to say who will be acceptable to God, and who are we to say who won't be.

Jesus Christ is the judge and knows the heart of every man...many that seem good will not make it.

 He lived like us, and suffered and died for us. He defeated death and has every right, and is justified, to reject and condemn those who chose evil instead of good.

 Anyone who has been introduced to Christ but then denies that Christ Jesus is Lord of Lord and King of Kings will perish...forever. That is their choice. They will live forever or perish forever by their own choice.