The Story

     The Bible is not complicated if you start with the simple truth that... 

         We can Not, and do Not, become like our Creator....

           ...HE BECAME LIKE US.

   It started out with the Creator deciding to do something that he had never been done before.
   He was going to create a family to share his love and richness with.
   He first created for himself a physical form that could dwell with his physical family.
   Well, his chief servant Satan did not like this plan at all, and was determined to stop it.
   Satan and 1/3 of the angels had no intention of ever being servants to mankind.
   So the physical dimension was created in the midst of the spiritual realm.
   He created the stars and planets...and chose the earth as the home for his family.
   He created the water and the sky...and the plants and fish and birds and animals.
   And the Creator said, "it is good"
   He then came down to the earth in his physical form to see what he had created.
   He took elements from the ground and formed an image in the likeness of himself.
   He called it Mankind. It was given the name Adam.
   He breathed life into Adam, and Adam lived. But unlike all the other living things Adam was created to have dominion over all the earth. Plants have bodies and life. Bugs, fish, birds, and animals have bodies and life, and a conscious awareness of survival. But Adam had a body, life, a conscious awareness of survival..., plus the ability to communicate with his creator. Adam had special personality and understanding that allowed him to relate on a personal level with his Creator. We call that special personality and understanding the "human soul".
   Adam was given charge over the care of the garden.
   Adam gave names to the animals and other things.
   But it was not good for Adam to be alone. So the Creator took a rib from Adam and created Woman.
   Together Adam and Eve would tend the garden.
   And the Creator walked and talked with them in the Garden of Eden he had made for them.
   And they only knew goodness and happiness, and were designed to lived forever in perfect bodies.
   And they were given dominion over all of the things of the earth.
And the Creator said, "it is VERY GOOD".
   The Creator wanted them to trust him like a faithful father. He wanted them to choose good.
   But Satan wanted to prove that man was not worthy of the Creator's love.
   So the Creator put a tree in the garden that was off-limits to test their faithfulness. It wass called "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and they were not to even touch it. If they did they would die. They knew what that meant, because when a leaf or a branch is separated from the tree it stops living. They knew that from tending the garden. Leaves, branches and fruit perished when they were detached from the trees.
   But Satan deceived Eve. He claimed the Creator was not telling them the whole truth. He claimed they would not really die...but if they ate the fruit they would instantly become like the Creator.
   Eve chose selfishly to be like the Creator. When Adam found out he had to choose between Eve or obeying his creator...he selfishly chose Eve. They both disobeyed the Creator.
   They ate fruit from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" that was forbidden to them.
   Because they chose to believe Satan, and didn't believe the Creator, they were banished from the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life was now off-limits to them and to us. That choice by Adam condemned all of mankind to the same level of existence as all other life forms on the planet earth. All life forms just eventually die and cease to exist, and they perish (John 3:16). 
   All their offspring (mankind) are now under that same penalty of death for being selfish. We will succumb to the same fate as all other life, unless that penalty is taken away.
   Mankind has suffered and died continually since then. But a child was promised who would redeem mankind. Perfect bodies bodies would be restored, eternal life that could never be taken away would be given, and soul would be saved to dwell with the Creator forever. 
   But Satan and his followers worked hard to destroy all of mankind, and the world was deceived.
   The Creator eventually decided to wash the whole earth clean after Satan had influenced mankind to became so selfish and corrupt that there was no goodness left on the planet. Good things were hated, and bad things were what mankind loved.
   Only Noah still had faith in his Creator's promise, and he and his family survived by creating a great ship called "the ARC" that saved each kind of animal and many birds.
   After 40 days of rain and floods,  and 7 months of no land, the ship stopped on a mountain in the northern land we now call Turkey. After 1 year and 10 days  on board the ship they finally came out onto dry ground.
   Noah's sons decided to go separate directions as their families grew. Japheth went north and west, Shem went east, and Ham went south. With them went many ancient stories, traditions, and beliefs that are still taught and promoted even today.
   From the tribe of Shem there was a man named Abram who's heart only wanted to do the right things. The Creator wanted the world to desire truth and goodness. He wanted all of mankind to choose thankfulness and unselfishness. He wanted to share his love and fill everyone with happiness. He chose Abram and his children to show the world how much goodness the Creator had to share. But they did not choose goodness. Many times the Creator disciplined the selfish children of Abraham and the people of the world too. But selfishness prevailed.
   Satan and his demons worked hard to deceive mankind and to prove the Creator wrong about his love for mankind.
   Abraham had a grandson named Jacob, and Jacob chose goodness. But the descendants of Jacob's twelve son's rebelled against the Creator. They broke their promises and they killed the prophets that the Creator sent to teach them about his love. First the northern 10 tribes called Israel were abandoned by the Creator. They were scattered into the nation of the world, and only the last two tribes, of Judah and Benjamin, were left to bring goodness to the world. They merged together to become one nation called Judah. From prophecy it was promised that from their nation a child would come that would save mankind from eternal annihilation. But they were selfish, and they rebelled also, and finally they even killed the promised child, the Messiah, that came to reverse the selfish choice that Adam made long ago.
   The Creator surrendered his first "non-human" physical form to became true flesh-and-blood human through physical human birth. The child was 100% human and had the ability to choose, just like Adam did.
   The child grew and chose to trust the Creator, and was not deceived by Satan. We call his name Jesus.
   Though he was completely innocent he was killed anyway, by the people he came to save, but he rose up alive on the third day. Death had no power over him because he chose goodness and was never selfish. Death is the penalty for being ungrateful and selfish, but Jesus never did sin, he was always thankful and unselfish.
   The physical form that the Creator made for himself to live with mankind became like us...flesh and blood. The Creator willingly and lovingly sacrificed his own 'self' to save mankind. That child arose from the grave (body, life, and soul) and rose up into the spiritual realm of his father to be once again at his Creator's side.
So the Creator scattered the tribe of Judah around the planet too, and opened the door so any person who would put their trust in him, and seek goodness, would become his true children and would receive eternal life on a new perfect earth with him as his free gift to them.
   But the Creator had promised Abraham that his children would be saved, and goodness would prevail.
Not only that, but he promised that the twelve tribes would someday be reunited in the land of Israel, and they would rule over all the nations of the world. So that had to happen first.
   The Creator scattered Judah across the planet, where they stayed hidden with the other 11 tribes in the wilderness of mankind until the day would come for them to return home. As of this writing that has actually happened and Judah is once again in the promised land. 
   It is prophesied that their Messiah will return and a small remnant of unbelieving Judah will be rescued.
   That will occur after the Land of Israel and the People of Judah are captured once again.
   The Messiah will return to rescue those who believe in the promise, and he will restore the land of Israel to its former glory.
   Satan will be chained in the bottomless pit, and the 12 tribes of Israel will be restored again as one nation under God in their promised land.  And they will seek goodness and the Creator will walk with them again in his flesh-and-blood physical body (the Messiah). And he will be their king and his kingdom will never be conquered. He will capture Satan and the true followers of the Messiah will be his ambassadors to the world for 1000 years.
   Then after a 1000 years Satan will be released to deceive the nations of the world one last time. They will unite against the Messiah and his people. Then all the people of the world will be completely destroyed by the Messiah. The dead bodies from the beginning of time will be raised from the dust and the seas.
   The bodies will be re-united with their life and souls and they will bow before the Messiah to be judged according to their hearts. Some will receive eternal life. The old earth and cosmos will cease to exist and those who are rejected by the Messiah will weep and gnash their teeth as they are led to be consumed by the everlasting flames of the Lake of Fire, and they will cease to exist. The Lake of Fire is the eternal punishment of Satan and the fallen angels who are everlasting beings that never die.
   According to scripture a new world is being prepared for us right now. Everything will all start new. The new earth will appear with a new universe of stars...the place being prepared for us. We call it Paradise.  And all the children of the Creator will receive new perfect physical bodies like it was meant to be at the beginning. The Creator will make his home on the earth with his children and they will have dominion over the earth and will know only goodness and happiness forever and forever.
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