What is eternity going to be like?
​    This is another issue you will typically find your church leaders dancing around. 
    The problem they face is that although our hearts will be singing and praising our Creator all the time, there has to be more to it than that. If we have only spiritual bodies what could we do? We could not speak, or dance, or even shake hands with each other.
    Some churches think we are going to be like angels and maybe do chores for God. Or maybe we just sit around and do nothing at all for eternity. No work, no cares, no adventures, nothing to learn because we will already know everything because will be like God and then what?
​My old pastor believes we take a form just like the Christ and will be able to travel between the spiritual and physical realms when we die.
    But the Bible tells us a whole different story. It tells us that the first earth was "very good". It was made for Mankind and Mankind was supposed to have dominion over it and care for it. It also tells us that in the end it will be just like it was supposed to be from the beginning. The only difference will be the fact that when the Creator walks with us like he did with Adam and Eve, he will be real life flesh and blood.
    I kind of like the idea of tending the garden. Walking with friends and Christ our Lord as we see the wonders that he has created in our new world. We will have eternity to travel the globe and see the power of his creation at work. I can only imagine.
    The Bible describes his Holy City as being as wide as it is long (square) and just as tall. The length, and breadth, and height are the same. it measures 12,000 furlongs each way. That's 1500 miles. It would cover half of the United States and extend up into outer space. I think the new earth is going to be a slight bit larger than the one we are now on.
What about our "riches in Heaven"? It is not money is life riches. 
I expect that we will know each other by our good deeds that were done while we existed in the corrupt world. The good things we did in this life will be our treasures in Paradise. 
We will be known and remembered by what we did in the old world. People will say to you, "oh I know who you are...I heard about did such-and-such and that thing that helped so-and-so". We will be famous. There will be lots of stories and adventures to hear about.
Do you ever look at someone you have never met and wonder what stories they would have to tell you about? Let's all keep building a good story book about how we overcame adversity, and stepped out in faith on grand adventures, and faced the trials of this life and helped others to do the same. All because we believed in the promise of a better life in a better place with our Creator who loves us.
I often wonder what it would be like to see all my dreams come true. I wonder how long that would take and what new dreams and adventures I will come up with.
But that's just me talking here....don't listen to me.
He says the food is awesome, and water pure. It never gets dark. There is never a sad moment.
Hmmm...I'm in.