What about the Resurrection of the Dead?
    According to ancient mythology all souls are eternal and every person is judged at the time of their death. The chosen ones ascend to the realm of the gods. The rejected souls descend to the fire and torment of the god Hades. Most of our modern Christian Churches teach this also.
    But we have this problem of the Bible talking about the resurrection of the dead. And anyone who has listened to these wolves in sheep's clothing preach is aware that they just do circles around this issue of the resurrection. They like to say it's a mystery.
    Any reasonably intelligent person can see that it makes no sense for there to be a resurrection if everyone is judged immediately when they die. So a common new teaching today says that we get spiritual soul bodies when we die and then at the resurrection our physical bodies become spiritual soul bodies.           WHAT?????
Sure...and we live in a spiritual city in heaven (wherever that is) that has imaginary golden streets and pearl gates, and only the believers of Christ are there, but more are coming all the time. All they do is sit around singing songs and playing music on their harps forever.
    We had a Bible study at our house for a couple of years until I started asking too many questions.
One question was: "Did Lazarus go to heaven when he died?".  "Absolutely", said the pastor.
    "Didn't Jesus say he was asleep?".   "Jesus meant the body was asleep", said the pastor.
    "So he wasn't really dead for 4 days?".  "He was definitely dead", said the pastor.
 "Ok, so when Jesus woke him up his soul had to come back from heaven?"  "Yes", said the pastor.
    "So what did Lazarus do wrong so he had to come back to this world, and why didn't he remember being in heaven?" 
    They cancelled Bible studies at our house.
    The Bible makes it perfectly clear that no man has ever gone to be at the Throne of God, except in a vision. No man has been promised a place other than this earth and the new one being prepared for us. There is only one reference about souls in heaven and that is during the final judgments when John saw the souls of the saints under the alter and they were not happy campers. It was probably just a vision of what God was seeing and justification to him for the coming acts which God really did not want to do.
    The Bible makes it perfectly clear that Adam was made from the earth, to care for the earth, and the earth was made to be his home. In the beginning it was perfect and would have lasted forever if Satan hadn't messed it up.
    We know that first man was created from the ground, and then life was breathed into that body and it became alive.
Paul tells us in II Cor. 5 that this corrupt body we now have is not the body our Creator intended for us to have. Our real body is a forever body like the one Adam was originally created with. Our soul without a body is naked and can do nothing. Our soul waits and groans for our new body to arrive. While we are in this corrupt body we cannot live with our Messiah. We want to get rid of this old body and get our new one so we can be with the Lord.
    There were times in the Old Testament that people were raised from the dead. And later also in the New Testament. The difference here is that they were not raised to eternal life. Death still has power because sin still exists. For a sinful body and soul to be raised back to life takes the intervention of our Creator. But the day will come when the body and soul will be reunited to eternal life through Jesus Christ.
    The reason that Jesus did not stay dead is not that the Creator intervened or that Christ manifested some kind of special power in his dead state. The reason that Christ arose was because death has no power where sin did not exist. There was nothing to hold him down. The gates of hell (the grave) could not shut him in.
    Christ was the first true resurrection that conquered death, and when we get our new pure bodies we will never face that issue again.