Our Creator

 Before the creation of our physical world there was a spiritual being people foolishly call GOD. Many religions have a GOD and it is purely a generic term. We use this name so we won't offend anybody. Also if we use that term in swearing we don't sin because that is not the name of our Creator....no single name can describe the GOD of Gods (Elohim), but "Creator" is a better name than God in my opinion.  The Hebrews called him Yahweh, which literally means "He Is". It is the way they pronounce the letters YHVH. There are no vowels so we common folk stick some in there so we can say it.

English speaking folks like to say Jehovah...that's ok too...just know that it means "HE IS"
When Abraham asked him at the burning bush he said, "I AM".
Note: there is no "J" in the Hebrew or original English language.
It's easier to say Yahweh but the common English for "HE IS" is Jehovah.
​To change all of scripture and substitute his identity with a generic word "god" is very sad indeed. It does help, I admit, to say God of Abraham, God of gods, or My god (if that truly is your god)...then we know for sure who we are talking about. Using a capital G for visual reading doesn't help the listeners at all. All the newer translations of the Bible have removed his true identity and substituted "god" or the word lord with a capital L which again does not help to identify who is being spoken of.
Satan is the god of this world. Other religions have gods. So now we don't know which god we're talking about half of the time, and I believe that is by the design of Satan himself.
    Jehovah exists in a spiritual dimension that we cannot comprehend even though we are in it right now (see the 5 Heavens)...he is not living in the stars, his realm is farther, and he is closer to us than we know. He is very real, always was, still is, and always will be.....forever. 
    Everyone knows that there are laws that keep everything working in our universe. Some idiots call it mother nature, some say its some kind of magical evolution. No one knows how gravity works. No one can create life. But we all know there is something that makes everything work, and keeps it working.
    Everyone knows when something is good, and can tell when something is bad. The beauty and wonders of this world cannot be denied even by those who can't see. Everyone stands in awe of this place we call earth...there is no known place like it. The Bible says that all mankind is witness to the majesty of the creation.
    Anyone can deny the truth...it's called denial. But the truth is that there is something far greater than us all, and we all know it.  Some hope its not a Creator and perhaps an alien race from outer space...but that still doesn't explain what makes it all work.
    The Bible (The Book, the Good News) tells us that our Creator is spirit (not physical). He is all good. He is all truth. He is all caring and love. He never sleeps. He is jealous for what belongs to him (and he especially loves his human family, and the world he created for them). 
    He describes himself as: the Creator, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife, Master, Slave, Ruler, Worker, Neighbor, Friend, Foe, Rich, Poor, Glorious, Humble, Shepherd, Healer, Savior, Redeemer, King, Servant, etc...Omniscient....All-in-All....."I AM", "There Is None Other"
    The Bible is the greatest love story ever conceived. None can fathom the depth of love that the Creator has to share... and wants to share (I Cor 2:9). The Bible is the Creator's attempt to describe how much he loves us. What he intended, what he wants, and what he ultimately will get. He finally became flesh like us, and dwelt with us, to help us understand how much he loved us.
    The apostles tell us the book is good for learning and to discipline ourselves, and to find answers to truth about creation, about life long ago, life today, and our life hereafter. The main theme is that we need to be unselfish and should focus our whole existence on our Creator, and also on caring about the people around us. If we can get out of our self-centered existence.... then we will better understand what he did for us, and why. We will understand the true concept of eternal life...what it is, and how wonderful that will be.
    We will go into more of that soon enough, but we need a solid understanding of what we are talking about. Let's end some serious confusion right now. Let's establish a strong clear foundation where we can build from, so we can know and understand our Creator.
    If you desire to know about Jehovah then his love is already touching your heart. He is reaching out to you. 
    We want to know Him and trust Him...so we can know Him and trust Him even more, like the true father he really is.
    We have established that he is our creator. We know that no single name does him justice. 
We know he exists. But where is he? Is he in one place, or many places, or everywhere, or just where he wants to be?
    Let's start with a firm grip on the common misuse of the word 'Heaven'. 
What are we talking about when we use this term "Heaven"?