This website was created to help people understand why they can't find answers that make sense.
Why is the Bible so confusing? Why are there so many "mysteries" that can't be explained?

It starts with the things we are taught as children. The basic teaching is that a generic spiritual being that has been given the title "god" created all things. God created a son who became a human we call Jesus. Jesus suffered and died to save us from our sins. Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to live in heaven with his father God. Jesus will return on judgement day to judge the living and the dead.

That simple beginning is a good start but there is much more to the story. We have all kinds of strange ideas and concepts that have been developed through the years.

Perhaps the most popular of all is the combination of ancient Greek and Roman mythology with Biblical scripture. In this concept Zeus is replaced by God. The lesser gods (which were the children of Zeus) are replaced with conscious spiritual saints who were once human, but died and became like gods. The teaching is that all souls are eternal and never perish making John 3:16 a false statement. At death a person is instantly judged and assigned to a wonderful spiritual existence in the dwelling place of the gods above, or an eternal horrible punishment in the underworld realm of Hades with demons and fire. Jesus plays a role as mediator as each person dies.

Another popular concept is that all things were predestined before creation even began. The saved and the damned were all chosen before the first human was ever created. The characters are real but the parts they play are already scripted. There is no true choice for anyone to decide. All prophecy is irrelevant to future generations. Prophecy was just a picture for those who wanted to know what was coming next.

Then we add mixtures of teachings from other ancient pagan traditions and cultures. The result is a mish-mash of generalization and bad information. The facts are obscured and the truth is concealed.

A few of the common descriptions of belief systems are: Catholicism, Pre-destination, Islam, Preterism, Pre-tribulation, Millennialism, and there are many other various sects and groups.

The fact is... scripture us just not read or studied anymore. The Modern Christians study what they are told to study, and they just accept what they are being told.
They don't search scripture anymore. They don't know the truth anymore. They are so confused that they have stopped trying.

This whole project really started when I got fed up with all the mixed-up teachings I was hearing from TV, Radio, and even my church. I love everything the churches stand for and don't want to discourage anyone from joining a local congregation. We need the friendship and fellowship of believers to keep our heads on straight and to help us survive in this messed up world.
Misquote cartoon ...It was time to read the Bible for myself. So I did.

I got a whole different understanding of this wonderful love story...so I read it again. I didn't try to analyze it as I read...I just read it. I would describe it as the most incredible love story ever conceived. I realized that what I was being taught was mostly a mixture of hearsay, tradition, and ancient mythology.
So I started to search for myself, and found answers to questions like:

Now I had a better understanding of what scripture actually said and I was starting to understand the story. But I also learned that very few people, even our trained leaders, had ever actually read the story. Yes, they have probably studied every word and phrase, but they never read the story. They only want to use the Word to get us to believe, and buy, their brand of Christianity. That's what they are trained and paid to do. They tell us how we should live, what we should do, and where we should go. They have a biased opinion of what scripture should say and they willfully manipulate the Word to their liking. Very few people want to take the time to actually study the Bible. Most people are content to accept what they are told, even though it continues to change every time they hear it.

  • The Catholics use the Bible to support the Missal.
  • Islam is based on scripture, but only select parts are used.
  • The Mormons use the Bible to support the Book of Mormon.
  • The Jehovah's Witnesses re-wrote the Bible to support their beliefs.
  • The Calvinists use the Bible to support the beliefs of John Calvin.
  • I know of a church that bases almost all doctrine on the writings of John Bunyan.
  • Others use select portions of the Bible to support gimmicks like the pre-trib Rapture.
  • Is there a church that uses the Bible to support the Bible?

The Bible is often manipulated to support phariceutical ideas and ancient beliefs and traditions.
It is not studied, but used to support other studies done by man.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that every soul was eternal. They taught that when a person died they immediately ascended to the spiritual realm of the gods, or descended to suffer in the eternal flames of the underworld "Hades" for eternity.  That is exactly what most of our Modern Christian churches teach us today. Our modern "Christian" world church is rooted in ancient mythology.

But the Bible does not teach that at all.
We were never told that we could exist in the spiritual realm of our Creator.
And we were never told that we would suffer for eternity in our human bodies (eternal life in the Lake of Fire).
According to scripture we don't become like our Creator...HE BECAME LIKE US.
we don't need scripture to know that a body cannot function without life. And a body with life is nothing without a soul, and our soul cannot function without a body. They all go together.
We were made ON the earth, FROM the earth, FOR the earth. That is our home and our place in the creation plan.

Many Modern Christian beliefs and teachings are based on the ancient traditions and false beliefs of people who died hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  We will discover that in our studies.

If you want answers then this is a good place to start.

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