The Revelation

The Revelation to John is written like a modern Television movie with separate story lines happening together. We get short previews and then the story follows.

A good example is Rev 14:1 where John saw the Lamb standing on mount Zion with 144,000 redeemed from the Earth.

That is followed by chapers 14-16 showing the course of events that lead up to that happening:

  • Jerusalem is captured, 14:8
  • the mark of the beast comes, 14:11
  • the death of the tribulation saints, 14:13
  • the harvest of living believers, 14:16
  • the destruction of the attacking armies, 14:19
  • the killed saints and harvested believers waiting on the sea of glass, 15:2
  • the pouring out of the 7 plagues on the earth, 16:1
  • a great earthquake that sinks islands and levels mountains, 16:20

Chapter 17 describes the restored City of Jerusalem after Christ returns. It is beautiful, wealthy, and proud, and the envy of the world. Jerusalem is the city that will rule over the nations for 1000 years. But her history is bloody, and Jehovah will remember what she has done. Jerusalem is guilty of great wickedness.

**During these last 1000 years the 12 tribes of Israel will return to the promised land, and from them will be chosen the 144,000 that will be the entourage of Christ forever. 

Chapter 18 tells of the final fate and end of Jerusalem.

Ignoring the chapter and verse numbers helps because many are placed poorly (chapter and verse numbers only serve for referencing location).
 It opens with an introduction from John and Christ Jesus in chapter 1.
Chapters 2 & 3 are acknowledgements to the seven congregtions (in large Jewish communities) that are closest to John's location on the Island of Patmos, and they will be receiving officials copies of this revelation. Each of these groups has special characteristics that are important for all future congregations to be aware of.

  • 1)Ephesus: Rekindle the passion and resist false apostles,
  • 2) Smyrna: Persecution and death equals spiritual riches,
  • 3) Pergamum: Resist pagan practices and worldly compromises, (this happens to be the dwelling place of Satan himself at this particular time...Satan is not omnipresent).
  • 4) Thyatira: Oppose false teachers and false prophets,
  • 5) Sardis: Wake up, remember, repent,
  • 6) Philadelphia: Faithfulness and endurance equal peace and safety,
  • 7) Laodicea: Ignore personal wealth, seek riches in heaven.

Chapters 4-6 are a new scene that shows The Creator on his throne in the spiritual court surrounded by 24 elders and 4 living creatures. Satan is no longer standing before the throne as the accuser of Mankind. Praise is given to the creator of all things.

But there is also sadness because the world's future is uncertain. The savior of mankind was killed and buried. No one is qualified to open the 7 seals of the scroll that will reveal the course of history for the world. Is there any hope for mankind?

 Then the Lamb that was slain appeared. He is worthy to open the seals because he has conquered death. Each seal opens a new phase in the evolution of earth's history as the blood of the Lamb redeems people from every tribe, tongue, race, and nation to be priests to the Creator and they will reign on earth. All living things in creation give praise to the Father and the Son.

The Lamb takes the scroll and opens 6 seals one by one. John watches  the events unfold. Each event continues and is overlapped by the next until all the seals have been opened and the process is done.
1. A white horse rides out. The rider has a crown and a bow and sets out to proclaim the Word of God to all the earth. The Good News of salvation spreads first to Africa, Palestine, Persia, Asia Minor, and Europe during the time of the Pax Romana. The Good News continues to spread today, but no longer in peace.
2. A red horse rides out. The Dragon gives up on pursuing the children of Israel and is allowed to take away peace from the earth so men will kill each other. The Dragon now focuses on the followers of Christ. A false Christianity devours the earth.True Christianity is attacked and people flee to other lands for safety. True faith is still being attacked today.
3. A black horse rides out and the world quickly changes as knowledge increases. Gunpowder, Columbus, the printing press, the Reformation, etc. Global expansion through trade, colonization, and the industrial revolution. Knowledge increases still today.
4. A pale horse rides out. The rider is Death. It is given power over 1/4 of the earth to kill with weapons, famines, epidemics, and wild beasts (chemicals?). Civil and World wars, the Great Depression, world chaos, greed and hatred, overpopulation, climate change, chemicals, cancers, etc. 
5. A short time of great tribulation and the death of many believers who were killed for their faith and testimony as the Beast #7 rises up from the land and encourages the nations of the world to kill all people who refuse to take the mark of the beast. Chapter 13 says the 7th beast will cause mankind to seek the safety of the beast from the sea. True faith and trust in Christ is the only hope for eternal life.
6. In chapter 14 we see the warnings that the end is near, the fall of Jerusalem (Babylon) to the beast, the death of the saints, the harvest of the living believers, and the destruction of the attacking armies. In 15 the rescued living and the tribulation saints stand on a sea of glass until the seven Plagues of Wrath are poured out onto the earth (they are judged by the elders). Then Chapter 16 describes the seven bowls of plagues that are poured out on mankind who accepted the mark of the beast.

  1. Boils and sores
  2. All the seas turn to blood and everything in them dies
  3. The rivers and springs turn to blood
  4. The sun scorches all mankind like fire
  5. The place where the beast sits turns dark, mankind is in terrible anguish. (no electricity?)
  6. The great Euphrates is dried up to make way for the armies of the east. Three spirits, like frogs, go out from the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet to gather the kings of the earth to attack Jerusalem. The armies gather at Armageddon (northern Israel between Tyre and the Sea of Galiliee).
  7. Shouting, thunder, lightening, the entire earth quakes violenlty. Jerusalem is divided into thirds. Mountains, Islands and cities fall. Great hail falls and destruction is exceedingly great.The earth is devastated. Every man made thing is destroyed.

Chapter 19:6-21 introduces the marriage supper of the Lamb that is served by the slaughter of the armies by Christ and his angels (the wild animals and birds feast). The two beasts are cast into the lake of fire (the false religions are gone) and Satan (all wickedness too) is chained in the bottomless pit.

This is the end of our present age. Christ claims his kingdom on earth and rules with an iron rod (mankind still has a fallen human nature). The final remnant of Judah that has been saved will spend the next 7 years cleaning up the mess. All who chose to put their trust in the promised Messiah from the beginning of time will be resurrected in new perfect bodies to assist Christ as governors and ambassador to the world. Eze 37:11-28 describes the return of the saints of Israel, and King David, and Jehovah will be in their midst forever. Those who were killed during the great tribulation will worship before the throne of Christ with Angels and the Elders. 

Chapter 7 opens with a new scene. It is the end of the 1000 years. The seventh seal is about to be opened. The next 7 trumpet blasts will be the final destruction of all mankind on the earth. Four angels are holding back the winds of destruction until the 12,000 are chosen and redeemed from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. 144,000 total who will be chosen as the entourage of the Lord on the new earth forever. 

Then he sees a great multitude of people from every tribe, tongue, race, and nation standing before the throne and the Lamb. They have white robes and palm branches. They are the ones who have been killed during the final great tribulation for their testimony of Christ and refused to take the mark of the beast. These will have the most special place to serve in the Holy Temple with the Lord forever in their midst.

Chapter 8 continues this scene with the Lamb opening the 7th seal. There is a 30 minute moment of silence. Seven trumpets are then given to seven angels. Another angel has a golden censer with incense and the prayers of the saints that rise up before Jehovah. Then the censer is cast down to earth with thunder, shouting, lightning, and the whole earth quakes. The seven angels begin to blow there trumpets.

1. A hail of fire falls onto the earth and 1/3 of the earth is burned up and all the grass.

2. A giant meteor crashes in the sea and 1/3 of all sea life is killed, and ships destroyed.

3. A great explosion in the sky contaminates 1/3 of the worlds fresh water supply.

4. The Sun, Moon, and stars are dimmed by 1/3.

5. Satan is released from the bottomless pit, followed by smoke that covers the earth as people and nations prepare for war against Christ and his people. Evil inflicts all mankind with painful sickness for 5 months. But not the redeemed who are with Christ.

6. The four angels that hold back the winds of the earth let go. 200 million soldiers battle against each other and 1/3 of mankind is killed as they gather to attack Christ and his people, and plunder Jerusalem. The people who have survived continue to worship demons, idols, gold and silver, immorality, theft, and murder, and the works of their own hands. Christ raptures his saints and living believers to the sea of glass just before Jerusalem (Babylon) falls to Satan again. Jerusalem is destroyed by the armies that gathered. Jerusalem pays for its evil past. Satan and wickedness are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Every living thing on earth dies.

7. Judgement Day. The earth is gone and all people from the beginning of time stand before Christ to be judged. He will separate them according to their true hearts. (Eze 34: 17-24, Mat 25:32-33, Rev 20: 11-15)

Some will be found to be written in the Book of Life. Most will be condemned to a second death. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as they are lined up and thrown into the Lake of Fire where they are cremated and cease to exist (perish....John 3:16). The Lake of Fire is reserved as the final place of eternal suffering for Satan and his demons (eternal beings that can never die). Hell and death are no more.

A new earth with a new universe of stars appears. Welcome to Paradise!

The other chapters of Revelation give more details of these events. It is easier to distinguish time periods if we keep the passages that talk about the mark of the beast separate. Then we can understand which areas are talking about our present time, and which are about the time of Christ's reign for 1000 years on this old earth before it is finally destroyed.

There is a whole outline and detailed breakdown of Revelations available. Contact Me for info.

Here is the Revelations outline:

In our study of Daniel, we realized that his visions were only about “his people” Judah (the Jews).

That study took us through the 70 years or Babylonian captivity and the 490 years until the covenant (agreement) made in Leviticus 26, was concluded. We saw how the plan of Jehovah progressed as each appointed time came to pass in history.

We saw how Jehovah created four world powers (that Satan corrupted…beasts) that afflicted Daniel’s people. The fourth eventually devoured the world and is still in power today but in a different form.

Then it concludes with the 10 kingdoms that each ruled over Jerusalem after the Roman Empire (the 10th was the British Empire). During that time Christ will be preparing a new place for us (Dan 2:44, John 14:2-3) and will come again.

From those 10 a final kingdom will rise up to rule over Judah and Jerusalem (Judah is back now as the “State of Israel”). This final kingdom will last only a short time until the return of the King (Christ). We are in the end days of this age.

This revelation to John is about the fate of all of mankind revealed in 7 seals.

There are two very different periods of time that are portrayed in the Revelation (and in other prophesies).

  1. One period of time is our present age that ends with the 6th and 7th beasts, the “mark of the beast”, and the return of Christ to reap his harvest of the living believers that have endured the beasts. The pouring out of 7 plagues and the marriage feast. Satan and wickedness are chained up in the Bottomless Pit and the two beasts are cast into the Lake of Fire.
  2. The other period of time is the 1000 years of Christ and the saints without beasts. 144,000 are chosen from the returned tribes of Israel to be the entourage of Christ forever. The tribulations saints receive the honor of being a part of his court forever. The saints of Israel’s past (Eze 37:21-28), and the tribulation saints are raised to govern the earth with the reaped and redeemed followers of Christ who had not taken the mark of the beast (Rev 20:4-6). These are the days of the iron rod. Mankind still has a sin nature to deal with.This age ends with the 200 million warriors, the two witnesses, the final destruction of Jerusalem, and the end of all life on the planet.

The dragon has 7 heads: the seven world power beasts that afflicted Jehovah’s people. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and “the one that is not yet”. At the end of this age Satan is chained for 1000 years and the two religion beasts (6 & 7) are cast into the everlasting Lake of Fire never to be heard from again. When Satan is unchained “he is also the 8th which is of the seven”.

The 7th seal is the destruction and disappearance of this old world, the final judgement of all mankind, and the Marriage of Christ with his bride (the New Jerusalem) on a new earth.

  Chapter 12 is a review of Satan’s attempt to eliminate Jehovah’s people. It starts with the birth of Jesus. Then Satan and his hoard of demons converge on earth to kill the Son of God. They thought they were successful until he rose from the grave and ascended to his father’s throne. So they attempted to destroy the last remnant of Israel (Judah), but the remnant of Judah escaped into the world where the other ten tribes are.

   War breaks out in the spiritual realm and Satan and his hoard are booted out of Jehovah’s presence. The accuser has no more claim against mankind…the debt has been paid by Jesus Christ through his blood and the testimony of the saints. So the dragon tries again to wipe out the last remnants of Israel (the Jews) but is unsuccessful. So he prepares to go after the followers of Christ.

   In chapter 13 we see the beast that rises up from the sea of humanity to go after them. The Roman Empire beast is now the Holy Roman Empire, a powerful false Christianity. The Jews are forgotten for 1260 years. Christ’s followers are able to evade the beast and continue to multiply. So the dragon creates another world anti-Christ beast that rises up. It resembles the Lamb but also gets its power from the dragon. It is called the False Prophet. And the trap is set.

 Together the beasts will lead mankind away from trust in the Creator. Those who put their faith in organized religion will think they are safe. Those who reject these religious Beasts and put their trust in the Almighty Creator of all things will be tortured and killed, but they will be the true winners in the end.

 The final chapters in human history begins with the ascension of the Lamb to the throne of the Creator where the Lamb opens the 7 seals from the scroll of mankind’s destiny that shows how things will progress until this world ends.

 It starts with the defeat of death by Christ through his blood and the testimony of the saints.

  It ends with a whole new earth and stars. No more religions, no more deception, and no more wickedness.

 It is written like a modern movie with separate story lines overlapping to give us the whole story.


1 – intro by John and Jesus Christ

2 –  the 7 Churches and 7 Angels, Christ warns the churches of what to be aware of.

1)      Rekindle the passion you once had and resist false apostles.

2)      Persecution and death equals spiritual riches.

3)      Resist pagan practices and worldly compromise.

4)      Oppose false teachers and false prophets.

5)      Avoid complacency, stay alert, remember and repent

6)      Faithfulness and endurance equal peace and safety

7)      Ignore personal wealth, seek riches in eternity

3              (these seven churches are located in seven large Jewish communities in western Asia minor. They are also in the immediate location of where John is on the isle of Patmos, and will each get a copy of this)

4 – the Throne Room, 24 Elders, 4 living beings (lion, calf, man, eagle)

                Sadness…what is the fate of mankind now?

5 – The scroll, written in layers and sealed with seven seals

 Only the Lamb who is worthy can open the seals (last seven evolutions of human history).


Each seal starts the process of a world change that effects the course of mankind’s history and fate going forward.

Each process continues until all 7 have been completed. (example: Faith in Christ still continues to spread today)


6- six seals are opened…These 6 are a sequence of events to the end of this present age:

1)      White horse – the Good News is spread to the world during the Pax Romana and still today.

2)      Red horse –Beast #6 is a false Christianity that continues to devour the world today.

3)      Black horse – Colonization, world expansion, industrialization, increase in knowledge continues.

4)      Pale horse – death from wars, starvation, disease, chemicals, etc. continues to increase.

5)      Beast #7 (False Prophet and last kingdom) massacres all who refuse to take the mark of the beast.

   Then Christ returns to harvest the last living believers that refused to take the mark. In Rev 20:4 we read that the tribulation saints and those who refused to take the mark of the beast will be judged by the 24 elders and will live to reign with Christ for 1000 years.

  • 6) Worst earthquake ever that levels islands and mountains, sun goes dark, moon looks red, stars fall (meteor showers?). The stars are no longer visible (smoke and dust?). 7 plagues are poured out (Rev 16).

**Christ comes on a white horse with an army of angels to wipe out the armies at Armageddon.

 (this is the wedding feast of the Lamb, his bride (the new Jerusalem) is ready. It’s time to clean house. The wine press is tread. The birds and beasts eat the flesh according to Eze 39:1-8, 17-20.

                For the sake of the elect these days are cut short (Mat 24:22) so the tribes of Israel can reunite as promised.

7-  Four angels hold back the winds of war and destruction for 1000 yrs (world peace under Christ begins).

This will last until 144,000 from the tribes of Israel are chosen as the entourage and court of Christ.

The tribulation saints stand before the throne of Christ washed and made white (Rev 20:4-6).

Christ reigns on earth with a rod of iron (they still need discipline, Rev 9:20-21)

Eze 38:7…the land is restored from war where Israel is in peace.

Eze 39:9-10…the survivors in Judah will bury the corpses, burn the weapons, collect the spoils.

Jerusalem is the center of world justice and commerce. The children of Israel return.

8 –  7th seal is opened (the end of the 1000 years)

                30 minutes of silence

                7 trumpets are handed out

                Golden censer of incense, prayers, fire from the alter is cast to the earth

                Thunder, voices, lightning, the earth quakes

-          Four of the 7 trumpets begin to sound

1)      Hail and fire destroy 1/3 of the earths vegetation

2)      Asteroid destroys 1/3 of sea life and 1/3 of ships

3)      Great star destroys 1/3 of the worlds water supply (Radiation?)

4)      Sun, moon, and stars lose 1/3 of their light (dust and smoke?)

Woe, woe, woe to those on the earth during the last 3 trumpets

9– Two more trumpets sound

   5) The bottomless pit is opened, smoke and locust, 5 months of suffering, their king is the 8th beast.

        The saints and the redeemed are not harmed. (the world now hates Jerusalem)

   6) The four angels holding back the winds let go (no more peace).

Armies (plural) of the world gather for battle (200 million warriors).

1/3rd of mankind dies.

Those who remain continue to worship demons and greed, murder, sorcery, immorality, theft.

10 – Christ and his people leave.

A mighty angel stands with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea.

                The angle has a small open scroll, cries out, the seven spirits cry out.

                John is ordered not to write what they say.

The rapture of believers on earth (resurrected saint, the 144,000 marked, believers still alive) to the sea of glass.

(1 Cor 15:51-56) Not all will sleep…they will be changed in the twinkling of an eye into immortality.

                Less than 1/3rd of mankind remains alive on earth. No one repents.

                No more delay. Time is up when the 7th trumpet sounds.

                The mystery proclaimed by the prophets will be revealed.

                John eats the scroll…sweet to the taste (the revenge), bitter in the stomach (the end result)

                (Rev 18) Jerusalem (Babylon) has fallen. It is surrounded by world armies and captured by Satan.


11 –       John gets a measuring stick and the temple is measured

                The outer courts are to be trampled by gentiles for 42 months = 1278 days? [(3x365)+(.5x366)]

                The two witnesses will witness for 1260 days with plagues, drought, fire, death, etc.

                (taken together this shows a difference of 18 days, or it could mean 7 years if we add them together)

                Jerusalem is now like Sodom and Egypt…(now referred to as Babylon)

The Witnesses are killed by the 8th beast from the pit, and lie dead in the street for 3 ½ days.

Satan takes his seat in the Temple and proclaims himself to be God.

The world rejoices, but are terrified when the dead witnesses stand up and ascend into the clouds.

(2 Thes 2:2) Satan is revealed as the fake he really is.

7,000 die when Jerusalem quakes, 1/10th of the city crumbles, the rest are terrified and fear Jehovah.

Jerusalem is remembered like Babylon, the inhabitants are wicked, the armies invade and burn it up.

(Rev 19:1-5) The saints are avenged as Jerusalem burns. Wickedness is destroyed.

 (Rev 20:7-9) The armies that surround Jerusalem are devoured by fire from heaven.

The attackers kill each other, are pulverized by hail, and roasted by fire from heaven (Eze 38:22)

 Satan (and wickedness) is cast into the Lake of Fire where his demons are (the religious beasts).

The second woe is past

7)      The 7th Trumpet sounds

The new kingdom has come.

It’s time for the dead to be judged.

The Temple is opened and The Ark of the Covenant is in there.

Lightening, voices, thunder, earthquake and great a hail of fire and brimstone kills all life on earth.

The land and sea give up their dead who now stand on the sea of glass.

This earth fizzles away and is done, the great white judgement comes now, and then a new heavens and a new earth.


12 – A new scene appears to John (Israel and Christ)

                Woman (Israel) clothed with the sun, moon under her feet, a crown with 12 stars

                She is with child and in aguish to give birth


-          Another scene appears (the dragon and his history)

A great dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns, 7 crowns. (crowns are power of the seven beast empires)

**1/3 of the stars (angels following Satan) from heaven were swept down by the dragon’s tail to earth.

The dragon tried to kill the male child who would rule the earth with a rod of iron.

But her child was caught up to the throne of Jehovah.


War broke out in heaven (the spiritual realm) and the dragon and his demons were cast out.

There was only one place to go…physical earth.

Now the accuser of mankind is gone from before the throne (see Job 1). Salvation is here.

      Conquered by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of the saints.

Then the dragon wanted to destroy the woman but she was given two wings (Assyria & Rome)

      The ten tribes and Judah are forgotten. And she will be nourished and hidden for 1260 years.

So the dragon made war on her seed, those who keep the commandments and testimony of Christ.

And he stood on the shore of the sea.


      (the same scene continues as the beast changes form)

13 –  A beast rising from the sea with 7 heads, 10 horns, 10 crowns (crowns are power of 10 kingdoms).

                It looked like a leopard with bear feet and lion mouth. It was given authority by the dragon.

                **one of its heads had a mortal wound, but John sees that it healed.

                The whole earth followed the beast “who can stand against the beast?”

                The beast was blasphemous to God, his dwelling, and all who dwell there.

                It made war and conquered the true believers and followers of Christ.

                It has authority over all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues.

                Everyone on earth will worship it.

Warning: do not fight for, or against, the beast. Endure and have faith.

                (the same scene continues)

-          Another beast rises up from the earth (called the false prophet)

Resembles a lamb with two horns, and speaks like a dragon

It has all the authority of the other beast and forces mankind to submit to the other beast.

The inhabitants of earth flee for protection to the 1st beast who’s head wound is healed.

The 2nd beast makes fire come down from the sky and deceives mankind.

It urges mankind to make an image of the 1st beast, which is given the power to speak.

Anyone who does not worship the 1st beast will be killed.

To live a person must be marked on their forehead or their right arm

The number of the 1st beast’s name is 666.

This is seal #6, this is beast #6, mankind was creation #6.


14 – Opens with a picture of how this next stretch of time will end, and the final result of it all.

                On Mt. Zion stands the Lamb and the 144,000 with both the Father and the Lamb’s name on their foreheads

                They sang a new song that only they could learn. They are redeemed spotless from the tribes of Israel.


How It happens…

-          An angel is soaring across the sky proclaiming the eternal gospel to the nations of the world.

                The hour of judgement has come.

-          Another Angel proclaims Babylon is fallen (the capture of Satan and wickedness…Zec 5:8)

-          Another Angel proclaims that anyone who worshiped the beast or his image and received the mark will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the Lamb and the holy angels. (See chapter 16).

The smoke of their torment will be remembered forever, and they will not rest in peace.

-          Warning: Believer’s need to endure to the end. Don’t give up.

-          Blessed are those who die in the Lord’s name during this time. They will rest in peace.


 –After the tribulation will be the return of the King.

              A white cloud descending and the Son of Man seated on it with a sharp sickle...ready for the harvest.

              The harvest is made…the earth is reaped. (believers still alive are taken to a sea of glass where the first judgement will be made for the tribulation saints and those who refused the mark of the beast…Rev 20:4-6).

-          Another Angel with power over fire comes out of the temple with a sharp sickle.

The vines are cut down and the grapes are thrown into the great wine press.

Blood will cover the land for two hundred miles around and up to 5 feet deep in places.

 (this is shown in Rev    as Christ returns with his angel army to wipe out the attackers.)


15 – In this scene the wrath of God that is poured out in the final days which are the end of this age.

                Seven angels with the last seven plaques, and then the wrath of God is ended.

                A sea of glass mingled with fire, and all those who endured the beast (the harvest was made) are harping and singing there.

                The temple/tabernacle (tent) of testimony and witness is opened.

                Seven angels come out with white robes and golden girdles, they have the 7 plagues in vials/bowls.

                No one can enter the presence of the Lord until these seven plagues are fulfilled (Christ’s kingdom will not be established until these plagues have been delivered).


16 - A voice...Go and pour the wrath of Jehovah upon the remaining inhabitants of earth. And they proceed to do so.

1)   Foul and grievous sores upon all mankind that accepted the mark, and worshipped the beasts image.

2)   The seas turn to blood as everything in them, man and beast, dies

3)   The lakes and rivers, and fountains, turn to blood as everything in them dies.

4)   The sun scorches mankind with great heat.

5)   The power of the beast goes dark (electricity? Internet?) Mankind gnaws their tongues in pain.

6)   The great river Euphrates dries up to make way for eastern armies.

      Three unclean spirits (like frogs) come out of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet to gather the world’s armies for the great day of the Lord. Gog (far west) and Magog (far east)…Eze 39, Rev 20:8

    And they gather at a place called Armageddon, the Valley of Decision (northern Israel, near Sea of Galilee).

   Christ will come suddenly like a thief. When they least expect it. (Christ and his army of Angels…Rev 19:11-16)

    Christ will stand on Mt Olive and it will split to create a large valley for the last Jews to flee (Zec 14:4-5)

7)   Pours bowl into the air…It is done…Shouting, thunder, lightning, and the greatest earthquake that ever was.

   The Great City, Jerusalem, divides in three parts, the cities of the nations crumble,

   Babylon (wickedness) is ended but remembered for another day.

   Islands and mountains collapse. Giant hail stones fall destroying everything.

   Mankind cursed Jehovah and the plague is exceedingly great.

   For the sake of the elect those days will be cut short, or no one would be saved (Mat 13:20, 24:22).


17 – An angel that had one of the bowls comes to show the judgement of the great harlot

    who is seated on many waters, kings and people are drunk with the fornications.

Seated on the Scarlet beast with 7 heads and 10 horns (the 7 beasts and the 10 kingdoms).

Woman is beautiful and extremely wealthy, treacherous and impure (she is envy and greed)

Name of mystery “Babylon the great, mother of harlots, and of earth’s abominations” (wickedness).

Drunk with the blood of saints, prophets, and martyrs.

The beast was, and is not. And it shall ascend from the bottomless pit/abyss and go to perdition.

The people of the earth whose names are not written in the Book of Life will be amazed at the beast who was

    chained, and was not around for 1000 years, but now is released from the bottomless pit.

                The seven heads are seven mountains (continents) where the woman is now sitting.

It is also the seven kingdoms where she sat before and will sit:

Five have fallen (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece) one is (Rome in John’s days),

And one is not yet (the 7th beast of the sea will come for a short space of time).

                The Beast that was, and is not, is also the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes to perdition (eternal suffering).

The 10 horns are ten future world kingdoms (at the end of the 1000 years) that have not yet received power. The 10 kingdoms will give their power to the beast and they will make war with the Lamb. The lamb will overcome them, and those with him are the chosen, and faithful (resurrected saints, believers of the harvest, the 144,000, and those believers who are still living).

                The waters are many nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues.

                The last 10 kings of the world will hate the whore and destroy her…all by Jehovah’s design (sins remembered).

                The woman is finally the Great City that reigns over the kings of the earth. (Jerusalem)


18 – 19:5  - Fallen, fallen is Babylon (Jerusalem in overpowered by wickedness)

                It is the dwelling place of demons, foul spirits, and hate.

                The merchants of the world waxed rich from her delicacies.

The Lord calls his people to get out before the final plagues come (the seven trumpets).

God has remembered her iniquities (Jerusalem), how she glorified herself and lived deliciously.

How she thought she was a queen, and safe, and would never know sorrow.

The plagues shall come in one day: death, mourning, famine, burned with fire, judgement.

The kings and merchants of the earth will see the smoke and weep.

All of the trade they had with her will be cut off, ended in one hour.

And an angel throws down a great millstone into the sea to symbolize the destruction of Jerusalem.

In her was found the blood of the prophets and the saints, and all who have been slain on earth.


19:6 –20:3 -  The marriage supper of Christ. (the end of this present age)

The bride is ready to appear, arrayed in clean white linen that is the righteousness of the saints

                Blessed are those invited to the marriage supper (the BBQ for the birds and beasts).

                Heaven opened and a white horse appears. The rider is called Faithful and True.

                Eyes like flames of fire, on his head many crowns, robe dipped in blood, Name is Word of God.

                His armies are dressed in fine white linen, on white horses (an angel army).

                With his words he will smite nations, and he will rule with an iron rod.

                He will tread he winepress of the fury of God’s wrath.

                The birds gather to eat the flesh as the armies gather for battle.

The dragon is captured and chained in the bottomless pit.

The beast (Catholic Church?) and the false prophet (Islam?) are thrown into the lake of fire.

                The rest of the evil people were slain by the word of him who sits on the white horse

 An angel descends with the key to the bottomless pit (the Kingdom of God begins)

                The devil Satan is bound for 1000 years.


20:4-6  - Those who were beheaded, those who died for their testimony of Jesus, and those who did not take the mark

of the beast, lived and reigned with Christ for 1000 years.

                The rest of the dead did not come to life until after the 1000 years were done.


20:7-9    And Satan will be loosed, and will gather the nations for battle…their number like the sand of the sea.

                They camp around the beloved city and fire came down and consumed them.

                The devil is cast into the lake of fire with the beast and the false prophet.

                They will have torment there forever and ever.

(the end of the 1000 year).


20:11-15 – The end of this world and the final judgement of all of creation.

And a great white throne…earth and heaven are gone away…disappeared.

All the dead stand before Christ. The sea gave up its dead and hell/sheol gave up its dead…and every person was

    judged according to their hearts and their deeds are proof.

Losers weep and gnash their teeth as they are cast into the lake of fire.  Whoever was not found written in the

   book of life. This is the 2nd death and then death and hell are no more.


21:1-8 – A new cosmos and earth. A new Jerusalem. Jehovah dwells with mankind on earth.

No more sorrow, and no more tears. No more death or pain. Former things are passed away.

                All things are made new. The alpha and the omega. Those that overcome will inherit all this.

                Lamb’s wife is the new city of Jerusalem.

                It’s 1500 miles long, wide, and high (the new earth is huge).

                Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple


22 – The river of life, the tree of life, fruit and leaves of healing.

His servants will have his name on their foreheads.

His spirit and his bride say “come”. Whomever will come can take freely of the water of life.