What now

So what are we expected to do in this life?
Many local businesses have people that go out and harass people to buy their products. Most people don't think much of salespersons because they typically hold back some of the facts, and usually have a private agenda that is not known to the customer. They advertise and set up displays. They give away free samples. They hold rallies and marches. The really successful ones will do virtually anything to get a convert. To make a sale. To get that promotion or prize. Their typical slogan is "the end justifies the means".
We see a very similar pattern of operation in many of today's worldly churches and religious organizations. Passing out tracts and carrying signs of condemnation. Trying desperately to build their number of clients and members in competition with the other religions. Trying to sell their brand of salvation to the world to support their mega churches. They want to be a factor in world governments and human rights. They design huge events to impress the world. They make promises they know they can't keep or control. They come up with new gimmicks all the time to get peoples attention and money. Things like; "the rapture", "the dispensations of the church", "the Bride of Christ", are all gimmicks to get people to think they have some new revelation from their god. The work they call evangelizing is often focused on recruitment.
The word "evangelize" simply means to 'proclaim the good news'...at home or wherever. 
If it's done with the goal of recruiting new members, making a profit, or getting workers, it's call Proselytism.
There is a definite difference. What is your church telling you to do? What is the objective?
Jesus had nothing to sell. He didn't keep anything hidden from us. He didn't have any gimmicks. He wasn't involved in politics or human rights. He came to find the lost sheep and to save the world. He came to spread the 'good news'.
But what does the Bible say we are really expected to do in this life?
In Micah 6:8 we are told to: "do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God".
If Jesus is our example it would to be to live humbly, help and comfort others, spread the word, and above all honor our Creator.
Jesus said that there are really only TWO COMMANDMENTS.
1) Honor and respect your Creator with all your heart. (first 5 commandments)
2) Love/treat your neighbor like you would want to be loved/treated. (last 5)
Nowhere did Jesus attempt to intrude on peoples lives. He did not carry a sign and picket injustice. He was not glamorous. He simply went from place to place answering questions about life, death, and eternity. He couldn't stop helping people who were sick or afflicted. He never got involved with government or the affairs of the Jewish leaders. Jesus avoided unnecessary conflicts at all times. He stated many times that he did not come to condemn the world but to save it. Jesus said he came to find the lost sheep of Israel.
The Jews (Judah) were part of that flock, but during his 3 1/2 years of ministry he stayed mainly in the lands of the northern 10 tribes of Israel. His own tribe of Judah rejected and finally killed him, and persecuted his disciples and followers. From the time of Jesus' anointing to the stoning of Stephen was the final week of Daniel's 70 weeks of years. It was the final 7 year test of the Covenant made with Israel (Dan 9:27, Lev 26). They formally rejected their Messiah and were abandoned by their God. The land of Judah remains desolate to this day (without their God) but protected nevertheless (by the Archangel Michael), even though they occupy the land of their forefathers they will struggle until their Messiah finally returns again to set up his earthly kingdom as promised, and rescues what's left of them.
Your church will probably tell you about this thing they call the "Great Commission" and say that it is a direct order from Christ for "every person" to leave home and evangelize the world. They try to make you feel guilty if you are not recruiting members. Actually Jesus was giving his permission to his disciples to do what they were itching to do...tell everyone. Prior to that they were ordered to avoid the gentiles. The covenant was with Israel, and Judah was the last remnant. It was theirs to claim if they accepted it. But the Jews formally rejected their Messiah, and the terms of the Covenant went into full force after they stoned Stephan.
This "commission" is the directive that Christ gave to his disciples after he was rejected and crucified by the Jews...who had failed to honor the terms of their agreement. What he was saying was "now the good news can be spread to all ends of the earth. Proclaim the Gospel...teach and make disciples". Their initial steps were to visit the synagogues of the Jews that existed in other neighboring areas. These Jews had a better understanding of the scriptures and would help to clarify the promises of the old testament to all new believers, Jew and Gentile. Along the way many eyes were opened and the truth was accepted by others who were seeking to know the truths of life. You want to do this kind of evangelism. But just like the Jews of old it is going to be hard to get the Modern Christians to let go of their false man-made doctrines.
What many do not understand, or refuse to accept, is the fact that the disciples were more comfortable away from Judah. Of Jesus' 12 disciples only one was a Jew...Judas Iscariot...and he betrayed his master. The spiritual leaders of the Jews hated Jesus and his followers because it exposed their pride and unrighteousness. The Jews were willing to go to all ends of the earth to kill the followers of Christ if they had to. Paul set out to do just that but met Christ Jesus on the way.
By the time the Roman Empire declined as a world power Christianity had become the predominant religion in the known world. It had spread through all of North Africa, Palestine, Persia, Asia Minor, and Europe.
Yes, we are to be bold in proclaiming the good news of salvation to all mankind. It is "good news" and what a wonderful gift to share...and its free. The free gift is eternal life. We should do that in our daily walk just as Jesus did. And put all our trust in the Father of all creation. We should remain humble and be ready to defend our knowledge of the Word, and hold fast to the promise of eternal life. We should not put ourselves above others but walk as friends in this life. Helping and encouraging each other. Looking always forward to our future real home together in Paradise.
    Get married and have a family. Be faithful and live to do what is right in the eyes of our Creator. Share the good news whenever possible. Learn the truth and help others to know the truth. If you find that need in a far away place, then it is good and right to go there. Don't go because you were forced or coerced to go.
    We need to fellowship with believers. The church is a wonderfully safe place to worship and praise our maker. So many good things happen there that change lives and help people. But we need to be careful that we do not stir up contention in our churches. A few simple questions to get them to read their Bibles will go a long way to help them understand the truth. Christ does not want us to disrupt the congregation and all the good they stand for. Just be a light.
    Did you know that God does not hate Satan. Just read the first part of Job. God so loves this world that he suffered and died for it. But Satan and his followers, and the evil people of this world will bring condemnation on themselves (Matt 7:1-2). And righteously so.
If our Lord and King Jesus Christ does not return before we die, what will happen to us?