The Mission

 The mission is to end confusion about the Creator's getting people to actually read and study the Bible themselves

    The Bible was not meant to cause confusion. It was meant to explain all things.

    The only reason it is confusing is because few people have ever actually read it. Few people know the real story. It is frequently picked apart and taken out of context to manipulate peoples lives. Most folks just accept what they are told and each conflicting teaching leaves them more confused.  
    I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am cynical of churches. I think Christian fellowship is among the most wonderful things we have in this life. Don't stop going to worship and fellowship. But find a good place.
    This is about getting back to the truth that is in the gospel. It's an amazing story.
    I am a simple man who works everyday and goes to worship and fellowship every Sunday when possible, and sometimes during the week too.
I wish no harm or discord. I question everything except the Word of Jehovah...the Bible. 
    This project began in the fall of 2013 at the suggestion of my good friend Ken B. Some of his beliefs conflicted with the truths of scripture, though they sounded pretty good. 
    We were talking about what happens when we die and he responded with a common modern day quote: "to be apart from the body is to be with the Lord". That sounded good but I had a feeling it was not exactly scriptural. 
    When we looked up the actual text in 2Cor 5:1-10 we got the whole truth that this corrupted physical body (tent, dwelling place, house) we exist in now is not the body we were intended to have. There is a better one ready for us. Our souls are naked without a physical body and our souls long for the day when we will have our incorruptible bodies so we can dwell in the paradise our Lord Jesus Christ is preparing for us as our eternal home after the day of judgement. That misquote is very popular in the modern Christian churches (places of worship).
    Here is the example I use to dispel this false teaching:
Suppose you live in California and your goal is to get to Washington D.C.
So you get on get on a local freeway and then someone tells you that freeway won't get you to Washington D.C. so you exit the freeway. Are you automatically in Washington D.C now?
    In the same manner: when we exit this body we are not in heaven.
    The actual quote is: "while we are yet in this body we cannot exist with our Creator". We look forward to the day when we have our new body.
    From there we spent a bit of time trying to find evidence in scripture that we become spiritual beings like our Creator and exist in the spiritual state. No evidence can be found except for the statement by Satan to Eve in Gen 3: 4-5..."you don't really die. You will become like Yahweh, knowing all things".
    He suggested I write down my findings... and perhaps it's also time to let others know too.  
There is no place for confusion in our churches. Let's just get the facts straight. Everything should add up and leave us without any doubts. There are no mysteries.
    The goal of this website is to get you to read your Bible and find the facts yourself. Don't blindly accept what you hear. Don't believe me either. It's not hard to find the answers.
The Bible is not complicated if you start with the simple truth that... 
    we can not, and do not, become like our Creator....


"Seek and you shall find"... (truth)...
"Knock and the door will be opened to you"... (wisdom and understanding)...
"Ask and you shall receive"... (grace, peace, and everlasting life).
    The ordinary human cannot understand the truth without asking for wisdom.
     Ask "The Creator" for wisdom.
I Corinthians 2  tells us that no man can know the truth unless the Spirit of Jehovah reveals it.
All you have to do is ask. He's your loving Father. He won't keep anything from you.
You can be selfish this time...tell the Creator that you seek the truth, and ask for understanding.
    Are you still listening to the 'Talking Heads' on the local Christian radio station and trying to make sense of all the confusion? Are you still watching TV evangelists and finding yourself totally confused by all the different teachings? Do you even have a hard time understanding what your own pastor is trying to teach you?
    Where do they come up with this stuff? What personal agenda do they have?
    Are you willing to accept false teachings and just go along with it, hoping for the best?
    Then you're no different from the Jews during the first appearance of our Messiah. They followed the teachings, and laws, and the rules of the Pharisees and Sadducees...believing they were getting the truth. Saul supervised the stoning of Stephen and the persecution of believers thinking he was doing the will of Jehovah. These spiritual leaders led the Jews to destruction and dispersion.
     Who can tell how many Jews lost their salvation from eternal death because they didn't seek the truth. They just went along with the crowd. They killed their Messiah and his followers, just as they always did to the messengers sent by Jehovah in times past. And all under the direction of their beloved spiritual leaders. And many people continue to be led astray by false teachers today in our society.
    Did you ever wonder what happened to the Pharisees and Sadducees?
(Trained spiritual leaders of the people, and the highly paid interpreters/scribes of Jesus' day...respectively)
    Jesus was very clear about how he felt about these guys. He called them "sons of the devil".
Today we call them Pastors and Theologians. Same difference. Don't get me wrong...there are some good ones.
   Read  Matthew 7 and 23... Consider, but don't believe, what they say, and don't desire to be like them. Don't believe me either. In fact, prove me wrong. Find the truths yourself. You will be judged by your choices.
    You may have been misled from birth. Your parents, friends, and love ones have not intentionally tried to harm you. They are just ignorant of the facts. They haven't taken the time to seek the truth. They just accept what they were told. But don't be fooled....ignorance is no excuse on Judgement Day.
    In many concgregations today its a case of the blind leading the blind. Not sure where they're all going but satisfied to be going there together. The Bible refers to us as sheep. We travel in flocks and tend to do what everyone else does. 
Is that you?
    We have story books and cartoons that influence our thinking as children. Even more so as we grow older with TV and Movies, and Video games. Then we go to school where we learn to read and write, and study a bunch of concepts that seem to have legitimate evidence. That is where we get a lot of our misguided understanding as we grow older.
    We hear our elders talk about the mysteries of life, and we begin to form conclusions of our own, but we don't want to be singled out as 'different' so we go along with the crowd. We try to make all the confusion fit together somehow. We may finally accept it as "what ever". We assume we must be getting the facts. Someone must have studied all this. "They" must know the facts, and if "they" say we are good with The Creator we must be ok... right? There is a concept that is taught that if we believe Jesus redeemed us, and we accept the gift of eternal life, it is ours forever.
    Most people seem willing to accepts each new teaching blindly. Some are taught never to question the church leadership. But what if it doesn't make sense?
   The Bible says, "the natural man does not receive things from the Spirit of Jehovah, for they are foolishness to man". It's because we don't seek the truth that we can't find the answers. Just ask.
   The Apostle Paul in his second letter to Timothy told him to expect, "the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but will heap up for themselves teachers that satisfy their itching ears according to their own desires" (II Tim 4:3). That pretty much describes the modern so-called "Christian" groups we have today. It's why there are so many different kinds.
   But a few people keep searching for answers and facts and truth. That was me. I couldn't take it anymore so I actually read the Bible, cover to cover, myself. Wow, what a story.
   Now you are maybe you're looking for the truth. Perhaps you are seeking real understanding.
    Everything you really want to know about creation, mankind, life, and death, is found in the Word of God, the Bible. If we go to the original Hebrew and Greek texts we find that it is still 100% accurate. Sadly many versions in print today have been altered by religious organizations attempting to lead their members down a different path. But the message is clear when the Bible is taken as a whole, and anyone looking for truth will find it.
   That is were we are going to look for our answers. We will not use concepts, commentaries, or theologies in our study. Only the Word of Jehovah. If we have questions we will look for the answer.
    Mankind has changed very little since the beginning of time. But we see that mankind likes to change the Word to fit mankind's own misguided beliefs, and we know these changes are used to manipulate us. That's why the teachings are so hard for people to understand. The Bible puts it all in perspective for those who read it and seek to understand. 
    What Jehovah has done in the past, is doing today, and is going to do in the future, is all explained. Like I said, there are no mysteries that our Creator is hiding from us.
    Its time to stop listening to the B.S. (Bible Scholars) and start searching the scriptures for the facts and the truths yourself. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Put away your commentaries, and turn off your radio and TV. Open the Bible and search for answers yourself. Don't accept what someone tells you until you have, and know, the facts.
It doesn't take as long as you think it does to find answers about things like:
  Why are you here
  What is the soul
  What are we supposed to do in this life
  How much should you tithe
  What happens when we die
  Is there life after death
  What and where is heaven
  Who was Jesus
   When was the last time you attended a Bible study that only used the Bible (no study books, etc)? I'm not talking about premeditated sermon messages that misquote scripture. I mean just a real open book study of the Bible.
Most likely it is not allowed at your place of worship because it raises too many questions.
    I realize that this website could cause a lot of commotion in the Christian communities. It is not my intention to cause discourse among the believers. I just want people to read the Bible themselves and start to question what they are hearing from others. In a loving, caring way of course.
From the studies I have done it is very clear that we have only a short time left to get this right. Possibly only a few more years. (keep your eye on the fate of Israel in 2018)
Put aside all your preconceived notions and pray for understanding as we start this journey.
Let's start at the beginning.