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  1. **Phariceutical: Dangerously twisted religious laws, practices, teachings, traditions, and/or ideas that seem to have sound biblical basis. But like an addictive drug you can get hooked on one of these deceptive ideologies. The teaching usually seems to make sense and sounds so good. But it is intended to confuse you and lead you away from the truth.
  2. DOG  I just couldn't help it. Dog spelled backwards is god. Myself, some people, and many pastors, have a hard time believing that our eternal existence is going to be like a dog's life... lying around doing absolutely nothing but howling for eternity in some kind of spiritual state of being.
  3. Church  This word is not found in any of the original manuscripts or translations of the Bible. The word "church" was adopted by the early Roman Catholics. and is derived from words that referred to the places (shrines, kiosks, etc.) where people gathered to worship. It has now been extensively used to replace the Greek word "ekklesia" which is an assembly or congregation. In context it refers to place or location of worship, not the group of  people who are gathered there.
  4.  "The Church" is what the Holy Roman Empire has always called itself. The concept comes from a twisted translation of Christ's statement to Peter that he was the rock on which the whole congregation of Christ would be founded. The Pope claims to be the incarnate Peter and also the "Father". Of course the Emperors of Rome considered themselves to be gods.
  5. GOD  is a generic word, a title, that is used to describe whatever particular entity is being worshiped. Because it can be used to describe: the god of this world...Satan, or mythological gods like Zeus and lesser gods like Hades and Neptune, or pagan gods like Baal and Ashteroth, or gods like Buddha and Allah, or Yahweh...the creator of all things, I typically try to avoid it like a cuss word.