The Prophets

We are going to add many studies of prophecy to this website as time progresses, but we only have a few years left so there is not much time to waste.

I have done an extensive study on Daniel already that is available on Amazon and Kindle in its 90 + page entirety. The future that was revealed to Daniel was exclusively about "his people" Judah and Jerusalem. It includes a run-through of the events that will happen at the end of this age and the final 1000 years until this earth is gone and Paradise (the new earth) appears.

I have put together a quick outline of Revelation that is helpful to understand what other passages of the bible are talking about. The future revealed to John was about the fate of all mankind. Check out the  Revelation Outline and you will be able to understand what is being to revealed to us.

Then also we have prophecies from others like Ezekiel, and Zechariah that give us a real good look at how the end is all going to happen to Judah, Jerusalem, the countries near Jerusalem, and the how the rest of the world will be effected. There is so much information in the Old Testament that it almost makes your head spin. It just amazes me that the modern churches avoid it...knowing the end is near.

I am determined to help you understand what's coming. Soon I will post the outlines of the other books of prophecy and that will help.